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10 Foods to eat more often

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I am constantly repeating myself. With a 2 and a 5 year old you can imagine. Work is similar. There are just some awesome foods that we all should be eating more frequently. Here are a few of my favorite foods for kids and adults that are not prepared or served often enough:

homemade sauerkraut

  1. Fresh Herbs: We all like flavor. If you’ve been making the same dish every Monday night for the last 6 years it’s time to change it. Experiment with replacing parsley with tarragon, or adding basil to a dish. Change is good. Some kids like chopped or whole raw herbs. Never hurts to garnish!
  2. Olives & olive oil: Of all the fats, olive oil has withstood the test of time with its health benefits. Olives are one of the best, portable, and balancing snack for kids. I prefer Lindsey’s Naturals as they are made without ferrous gluconate. That is a preservative added to black olives to keep them looking black. It’s ridiculous! The Lindsey’s Naturals Olives are just olives and sea salt. They are a little tricky in that the green olives taste black. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. These are delish! IMG_1752
  3. Sauerkraut: Ok this may be a tough sell, but you know those things called probiotics everyone says you should be taking to have regular poops or something? Well true fermented aka raw sauerkraut (not on the pantry shelf, mind you!) is just bursting with billions and billions of the good bacteria. The canned version does not have the good bacteria as the process of canning destroys the good and the bad bacteria. The one you want is live or raw and has been fermented at room temperature for a period of time and then stored in the refrigerator. Look for those words on the label or make your own. Don’t like the taste? Food process it and add to guacamole in small amounts. Or add small chopped bits to already cooked foods or warm soup right before serving. You do not want to cook sauerkraut as it will destroy the good bacteria.
  4. Pumpkin seeds: The ingredient list of about half of pumpkin seed only packaged products out there list only seeds and salt. Some list an oil of some kind. This is a protein packed snack for all ages. If the kiddo is younger, grind the seeds and roll a banana in it. YUM! We were out and about today and I purchased a package of these for the kids and I to share. They were in shell, and they ate one at a time and chewed very slowly. It was a good, filling snack. (Usually we get the shelled ones).
  5. Eggs: I really do feel like a plant based diet is the best one, with some protein on the side. Eggs are truly amazing for all ages. Please find happy chickens, these eggs are healthier. Eggs need to eat grass, bugs, and run around. Pay the 8$ for pastured eggs, cage free is not enough. Or better yet, find a friend or get some chickies yourself.                                     IMG_2932
  6. Frozen fruit: Snacks, sorbets, need I say more? It’s tricky to get to the store 2 times per week, so frozen fruit can bridge the gap for when the bananas run out! Costco has some great organic options, my favorites are the mangoes or the berry blend.
  7. Winter Squash: I’ve been eating so much of this lately. This is my go to breakfast or snack. I know it may seem weird but roasted acorn squash with some butter is 10 times more amazing than corn chips. Well maybe 8 times more amazing. Acorn squash is just as versatile in recipes, where you would substitute applesauce or banana, if you have some roasted acorn squash feel free to add it in. It is also fantastic in meatballs, as a filler, and does not have much of a  flavor. I loved watching my father in law devour the meatballs I made with acorn squash snuck inside!!
  8. Summer Squash: Zoodles. They are a real thing. I’m obsessed. You should be too. You do need a  spiralizer for this fancy trick.IMG_1962
  9. Avocado: Fat, Fiber, Potassium, yumminess. This is my fast food. Slice that bad boy in half with a sharp knife, place it in a bag with a spoon, and you have yourself an on the go snack.
  10. Beans: Soak them at least overnight, drain off the water, and cook these low and slow for perfection. They freeze well too for early eaters. They are so versatile and such an amazing part of a meal or snack.

I didn’t discuss power foods like berries, kale, and sweet potatoes, because I feel the power foods are now more common knowledge and other foods don’t get the play that they deserve. This is my list of foods I think we should all eat more often…Enjoy!

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