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22 *not so deep* thoughts

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I don’t write because I think I’m interesting. I write because I like to read. I like to bring people together. I think that we are doing just that. Bringing women together to read and feel like they are connected to one another even if it’s on a screen.

I enjoyed a wonderful day off today after a weekend away. It was what I would consider a normal day off, spending time with a friend halfway exercising with our children, housework, and playing with the kids outside in our field in the afternoon. I started to reflect on the day and also some random thoughts I had during the day.

22 not so deep thoughts today (because it’s the 22nd)

  1. Oddly my stomach balance feels better when I eat brownies.
  2. Why don’t women put themselves on the list more often?
  3. How many times have I wiped boogers today?
  4. That is genius that the dentist won’t book appointments for 2 year olds after 2pm.
  5. Is that duck or chicken or goose or turkey poop on my shoe? It could totally be any of those feathered friends.
  6. Oh! I have a free hour during the day. Nap? Laundry? Both tempting. (I got rid of my gray roots instead.)
  7. If I could defy the laws of time like in the movie Interstellar… This lead to many other thoughts…
  8. When did I last shave my legs? These stems are like brambles!
  9. Why is my daughter angry at other children near her age and sweet to others roughly 6 months younger or 6 months older?
  10. Does my hen have arthritis?
  11. I can’t wait to plant garlic. And potatoes. And carrots. And radishes. I need more dirt.
  12. I thought I was out of wine but turns out there is 1/6th of the bottle left… Happy dance!
  13. I’m so thankful for my village of support; sisters, mothers, aunts, friends, oh and the males too; dads, uncles, brothers.
  14. This weekend trip away was the first time both children slept through the night on a trip EVER!
  15. I hope I’m making the right move by adding more hours of work onto my plate.
  16. I like having a full plate and revel in relaxation. I do my best to make sure that plate has a sliver of space on it for downtime and “garbage time” (the league reference not actual football reference).
  17. What can I do to support others? How can I teach this to my children?
  18. Is that boogers or cheese on her face? Wipe!
  19. Which show did I like better, Brothers and Sisters or Parenthood? (Jury is out… Both great for different reasons.)
  20. Is my sprained ankle healed yet?
  21. Why hasn’t my husband called from work yet? I hope he is safe!
  22. What will I do in the afternoon in a few years when my kids don’t want me to jump on the trampoline with them? Will I wait in the house alone? Will I watch them from the deck? An afternoon outside with my two really is how I would define a “perfect afternoon”.  I am going to miss so many of these moments that are such a huge part of my life right now.

There you have it. Random thoughts. Funny where our mind wanders. What were some of your random thoughts today? Think back for a minute and reflect. You will be surprised I’ll bet. I was.

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