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3 Kids under 6, Interview with Sara

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Meet Sara~

My name is Sara, and I am a coffee addicted, stay-at- home mom, to 3 small little ones. I met my husband almost 10 years ago and it was love at first sight. We always wanted to have a family but struggled with a miscarriage, and again when we found out we were expecting twins during one of my pregnancies. It has been a wild ride of tears and joy!our-photos-2012-775

My biggest strength as a Mom is to just take one day at a time, and to just roll with the punches. You can’t even begin to prepare yourself for what the day will bring. I mean, you never know when gum will end up in your toddler’s hair or a blow out diaper will happen. Accepting that you will be late for appointments and schedules are out the door, and rolling with it, is key for our family.

How I spend time away from my kids usually consists of me locking myself in my room with my Kindle app and reading a new book. Or, you can probably find me coming up with new ideas on how to remodel our house. I’m really guilty of that. And not just decorating. I had my husband take out a wall two weeks before a birthday party last year. Thankfully he is just as crazy about it as I am.

Tell us about your children~ their ages and personalities. Can you elaborate on how they get along? 

My kids are the light of my life. And the reason I drink in the evening. My oldest is almost 5. He has an incredibly sweet temperament and is very easy going. His obsession in life is Legos (my hatred at 4am while walking through a dark room with no slippers on). He has the SWEETEST relationship with his 18 month old brother.  They are always playing together. Its heart melting. Brings tears to your eyes. It’s a relationship that you hope will stay with them forever.

My daughter is 3. She is the reason I drink. She never stops. EVER. Her mind is running at full speed all day. She is very headstrong, stubborn, and she never forgets ANYTHING. Except when I tell her she can’t do something. Although I secretly think she just goes ahead and does it anyways and willingly suffers the consequences of “scary mommy”. And even though she drives me insane every waking moment of the day, she is absolutely magnetic. You just can’t help but love her spunk. It’s completely infectious.

That leaves my youngest who is 18 months. He is my Momma’s Boy, and cuddle bug and hefty eater. He also somehow turns into a WWF wrestler when my husband comes home. He giggles just as much as he cries. I wouldn’t change him for the world.

What is a normal day like for you? Can you describe a perfect day with your kids?

A normal day for us really varies now. We recently sold our house, so between remodel work, showing our home, packing, moving, month long stay (aka party) at Grandma’s… nothing is routine anymore. And thankfully the kids are thriving on the chaos. A perfect day in my mind would be when my kids ate all their vegetables without coercing. A day when naps aren’t a struggle. When I could drink my coffee while it was still hot. Oh the possibilities are endless!


Mama Sara last Winter

When do you feel like you’ve got a hold on things? When do you feel like you are losing it?

In our house, its survival of the fittest. No joke. One kid will set off another, and it’s like a domino effect. Pretty soon everyone is throwing punches, screaming or crying. So I basically feel like losing it all day. But we get through it. I think “time-outs”; are more designed for moms to have a moment of peace. We exercise that moment of peace quite often in our home.


Eli playing with some of Sara’s old toys

I also do remember struggling a lot mentally. I felt pressured to, not necessarily be perfect, but to have a handle on things. Or a plan. Or something. And I didn’t. I felt lost and stressed out. I missed working. I missed being able to feel like I was accomplishing something. I never felt that fulfillment being a sahm. Nobody pats you on the back for getting three loads of laundry done AND put away. Nobody gives you a high five when you make it out the door with 3 clean kids and a relatively packed diaper bag. Nobody hands you a bonus check for making it thru Costco on a Friday without losing any kids near the fresh crabs (what is the fascination with them anyways?) or the pizza sauce machine in the café. Nope, you are on your own. BUT, seeing your kids giggle in the car because you are blasting Taylor Swift’s, Shake it Off, and hearing them laughing and saying “MOMMY’S WEIRD!!!” is ironically the best.

It took me a long time to figure that out. But truly. Honestly. I LIVE for those giggles now. They are like a drug. I cant live without them. Way better than a raise at the office.

Are you having more children? How does your spouse feel about this topic?

Are we having more children? No way. I honestly feel like my family is complete. My husband comes from a very large family. Like insanely large. He is one of eight kids. (Who does that anyways?) I always thought he would like a LARGE family… but I’m so thankful he is happy with what we have.


Happy and FULL hearts

Can you share with us a funny story or two regarding some recent mischief?

We had a most interesting morning. My oldest came in my bedroom and was white as a ghost. He wet the bed for the first time ever. I was always so proud that his potty training had gone so well and he had NEVER had an accident. That was a kick to my mom-pride too early in the morning. While I was getting him cleaned up, my daughter got up and climbed on to my side of the bed. Grabbing clean clothes for my son, my daughter says “Mom, I lost your rings!”. My WEDDING RINGS. From my nightstand. SHIT! How? Where??? Which was just followed by,

“Mom, what does SHIT mean?” Face palm. So operation rip apart my bedroom commences. And this is my childhood bedroom. We are staying at my parents’ house. Its full of my Mom’s things and all of our open boxes. You can barely see the floor. Is it in a box, is it under the bed… where, where, where?? 20 minutes later they have been located. Thank God.

During this rampage, my youngest decided he wanted in on the action. His payback for neglecting him was a bowel movement and ripping off half of his clothes. Thankfully, I got in their before the bottoms came off, but dear lord it will take an entire day to air out the room. Good thing because this was all before 7am. Oh well. Moving on. Good morning to me.

Where do you see your world/family in 3 more years? What will have changed? What will be the same? What is something that you are longing for now, that you want to do? What is something that you are sad if/when it changes?

In 3 years, I foresee that all my kids will be in school. And I can’t even imagine what that will be like. The amount of change that will bring to our family dynamic is enormous. I’m sure parts of me will be so sad to not have my kids home all day. I’ll miss hide and go seek and hearing the kids giggling behind the drapes (every single time). Or building the tallest Lego tower, only to knock it down with a thrilled TIMMMMBBBBER scream… I’ll miss those moments so much! But to be able to do some things freely, will be amazing. I do really miss grocery shopping by myself.

And going to the bathroom alone. I cant believe one day that will be my reality again. As my youngest gets older, I also imagine my husband and I getting away by ourselves. I hope, I pray! We have never left all 3 kids with friends or family. It’s just not something we have felt comfortable with yet. So I do dream of what it would be like to be alone with my husband again. A glass of wine, on a balcony, overlooking the ocean? Sign us up! But not worrying about the kids the entire time, I’m just not sure I’m there yet. Maybe in 3 years!


Sports Mom


Beach getaway

We send you wishes of sleeping in on Sundays, Sara!

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