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A Successful Day

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I read a recent blog posting where a mom was asked what she considered to be a successful day. It really got me thinking. I’ve chosen to not use the word balance as I thought it was inherently working against me. Like I was always striving to be somewhere or something that I can’t be. Or if I was there it was really hard to stay there, meaning I was failing. But when I think about what is a successful day, for me, right now, it is one that is a balanced day. 

Here are my ingredients to a successful day:

One part FUN~ A successful day would be filled with time with my children, where they got along without too much resistance. We would learn something together, discover a new place, or uncover a new bug. We would eat healthfully and heartily. We would laugh together, dance, and play outdoors. We would be healthy, take deep breaths, and let our bodies move freely, without too much of a schedule. This would also include a form of exercise for me, as I do think exercise is fun and productive.


One part WORK~ (I’m not describing a perfect day, remember!) A successful day would also include “getting things done” this would include something that has been on a to do list for a while, an errand, or simply a task that goes overlooked somedays. One of the above. I do not set high expectations for myself. That way I always exceed them! It seems to work out pretty well.


One part LOVE~ Another component to a successful day would be to have a social component to it, with family, friends, or a meaningful conversation or interaction with anyone. This is a humanistic craving I have and it is a part of a successful day. Making a connection will do it!


One part REST~ Last but not least, the fun part of a successful day is the rest. Buzzing around like bees is great but we must land. I like to land in the arms of my honey. We have been exercising at night together, talking, or watching Jimmy Fallon dance competitions. The calm part of my day is in the evenings, after bedtime. This is a very important time to prepare for another successful day. Some chores or meals may be prepped but mostly it is centering time to fuel my being. Exercise. Bathe. Blog. Waste time. Read. Write. Downtime. It’s a good thing.


A successful day in my book


One of the first photos I took with my first smart phone on my first run on our country road 7 years ago.

What do you consider to be a successful day? I can’t wait to hear!

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