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23andMe: Painful Truths and a New Beginning.

This is Part 3 of my journey. You can find Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

Meeting each of my brothers was literally a childhood dream come true. Being an only child can be a lonely existence, and of course I never expected to find siblings at this age. Both brothers have held my hand throughout this process, guiding me through the unknown. The more I get to know them, the more excited I am to belong to this unconventional family.

No matter when or how someone finds out they were conceived via donor, there are questions and significant emotions to wade through. Loren has known for as long as he can remember that he was donor conceived. Tim found out at 13 and I found out at 33. When we discovered that we had a sister, we knew that her experience could be similar to our stories, or something else entirely. Read more

Life after 23andMe


This is Part Two of my journey. You can read part one here


Adjusting to a new reality

At the time I write this post, it has been three months since I received the results of a DNA test that confirmed my dad is not my biological father. A lot has taken place since then, and I continue to navigate unfamiliar situations and emotions every single day. Some days are filled with joy and blessings I never could have imagined; others are a struggle as I try to figure out how to reconcile my new reality with the past 33 years.

One thing I have come to believe is that the universe revealed my new truth to me at just the right moment, and in fact, has been preparing me for it for a long time. A few years after my dad died, an amazing women came into my life. She put her arms around me and has never let go. She taught me to trust again, and that it is possible to have family without blood to connect us. Because of her, I know what a healthy mother/daughter relationship feels like, and I wholeheartedly consider her my Mama now. She walked me down the aisle at my wedding and witnessed the birth of my daughter and son. My kids know her as Grandma and our family bond is deep, despite the fact that we don’t share DNA. I have also spent the last 10 years working with an amazing family whose children are all adopted. They are a normal, loving, rambunctious family, and the fact that the kids and parents aren’t biologically related has no effect on their love for each other. Read more

I took the 23andMe test and it changed everything I thought I knew about myself and my family.  

Here is my story…

My name is Jaclyn and I am a 33 year old wife and mom of two. Before I answered to the names “Mrs. Baxter” and “Mommy,” I was an only child growing up in Pollock Pines, California. One thing you should know about me is that from day one, my dad and I were inseparable. To call me a Daddy’s Girl would be an understatement. Even though I always wanted siblings, my dad filled that void by being the best parent, confidant, and friend that I could ask for. He was was the greatest joy of my life for 18 years – my happy place. He died in my arms when I was 18 years old after a life filled with health issues, and his last words to me were “I love you.”

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Meet Kim ~A Blogging Mama~

  My name is Kim and I am a busy mama of two little girls that are 2 years apart in age. We do a lot of character role playing at home, as well as going to the park and attending storytimes and playdates when we can. I quit my job in the corporate world exactly 1 year ago to stay home with my kids. It was a big adjustment but I feel like I have it down now! My husband has a long commute for work, so i watch the kids for 12-13 hours before he comes home.

One of my biggest strengths as a mother has to be my ability to multitask. We have our routines most days and they include me doing some work on my blog and my LipSense business, as well as making sure the kids get out to play. Since we live in the midwest, the weather isn’t always conclusive to playing outdoors. We make a lot of trips to Children’s museums, libraries, indoor mall playgrounds and other people’s houses to play.

In my spare time I love to watch reality tv shows and comedies, train for marathons, and go out for drinks with girlfriends!

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Mama Interview with Juliet on Apraxia


Meet Juliet

Hello! I am a 32 year old mom to three of the most energetic, wild, playful, loving, sensitive, curious, adventure seeking boys ever born! I’ve been married to my husband for almost 12 years, and have been a stay at home mom for the past 10 1/2  years. I have recently moved my family from the mountains of Utah to the beautiful island of Oahu. We don’t know a single soul on the island, so we have created a really unique bond with each other because we’re all we have out here! My day-to-day routine totally opened up mid October when ALL my boys started going to the same school–at the same time– Changed. My. Life. So when my boys are at school I go to the beach with a good book, hike, run my errands without my wild animals, and most importantly, spend quality time with my husband! I think my biggest strength as a mom is my “go with the flow” attitude. It takes a lot for me to get stressed out or angry. I’m pretty easy going and can adapt quickly to all the spontaneous events that happen in my life!

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~Miracle Baby~Interview with Hannah on having a preemie.


~Meet Mama Hannah~


Who are you?

I am a caring loving wife and mother. I am an aspiring Doula and looking forward to helping other mommies bring their own miracles into the world. My first daughter was born full term and is turning into quite the little diva. My youngest child was born a little over 2 months premature and has defied all odds since. My husband is a member of the Law Enforcement community and works very hard providing for our family. He is my best friend.   Read more

Interview with Samantha. ~Marine Mom~

~Meet Samantha~



My name is Samantha (Sam) Ferrand and I’m the mum (an English one!) to two young men: Alex (soon to be 20) and Josef (soon to be 18). I have been blessed by being able to stay home with them when they were young. We had many adventures with their trucks, legos and trains – those were really fun times. I am a photographer so I was able to juggle my small home business with being a stay at home mom. Read more

The need for nothing.

As I sip on my delightful glass of wine, exhausted and overwhelmed with life, I start to realize the majority of things I am exhausted and overwhelmed by I have totally brought on myself. I’m not talking about the givens, care for my children, feed the family, pay bills,  and keep a somewhat put together house (I’m really bad at that last part). It’s the extra, not necessary stuff I keep adding to my plate. That first world problem kinda crap. Projects, remodels, new business, gymnastics lessons, special events, etc. Read more

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