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Barnacle Baby


I’m pretty sure my son thinks the ground is hot lava. We’re on day “who the hell knows” of “don’t you dare set me down Mom!”. While my arms are looking pretty toned now, my exhaustion is on the rise.
My teething mama’s boy, who is entering the separation anxiety stage of infant life, makes for a stage five clinger barnacle baby. So my days are filled with a mix of the following: Read more

Good moms. Guilty moms.

We are only human. We have basic needs and desires, too. But mom guilt is real! The guilt we put on ourselves is horrible and not right! So, we wanted to share the other side of motherhood. We have put together a list of some of our confessions…. We hope you laugh, relate and enjoy! You’re still a great mom if you…..

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If only I could hit the pause button.



Today I fed my 6 month baby boy solids for the first time. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes. He is ready for solids, but I am not. I’m not ready to share him. I love that I am all he needs to be happy and healthy.  For 9 months he thrived in my body and then for 6 months he thrived off of the milk my body provided for him. It’s beautifully amazing. Read more


By the time bedtime came around tonight I just had to laugh at the irony of parenting. The sheer unpredictability of it all, the nothing’s a sure bet but anything can happen mentality. Today was a very good day. Magical moments were made, hilarious laughs were had, and memories created. But my kids (and all kids, I’m assuming!) are seriously relentless. Read more

Who Has Time?

After our blog “went live” we’ve had such a fun response. When I’ve spoken to other mamas face to face in the last couple days since, I have had a few inquire about time. One asked, where do you find the time?! My answer was quick and simple: my house is messier than yours! IMG_1698 Read more

A Successful Day

I read a recent blog posting where a mom was asked what she considered to be a successful day. It really got me thinking. I’ve chosen to not use the word balance as I thought it was inherently working against me. Like I was always striving to be somewhere or something that I can’t be. Or if I was there it was really hard to stay there, meaning I was failing. But when I think about what is a successful day, for me, right now, it is one that is a balanced day.  Read more

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