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Chicken Curry Fruit Salad

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As a mother of three I like to indulge in something other than the baby’s plain Cheerios and half eaten banana. This recipe is so delish and easy. Oh and did I mention it’s cold so no worries on actually trying to eat a HOT meal, you all know that never happens.


Chicken Curry Fruit Salad:

4c.      Cubed chicken (use rotisserie)

2         Celery stalks diced

1c.      Seedless red grapes halved

1         Medium Apple peeled and diced

1/2      Red onion diced

1/2c.    Lightly salted cashews

1c.       Mayo (substitute 1 Avocado + 1/4c. Greek yogurt)

1Tbsp. Orange marmalade

2tsp.    Lime juice

1tsp.    Curry powder

Mix all ingredients together and serve with bib or romaine lettuce, crackers, bread, heck eat it with a spoon.

Written by Guest Mama Shannon whose favorite drink is Starbuck’s Very Berry


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