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My name is Kelly. I am a 34-year- old multi-tasker AKA mom of two wild babes, named Kade (4) and Tegan (1 ½). My husband and I have been married almost 6 years and live near San Diego where my he is a firefighter for SDFD. I am not originally from San Diego, but I do consider myself a native since I have lived here 13 years now! 

I am a stay at home Mama currently, but used to work as a Respiratory Therapist for the Scripps Hospitals in the area. When I’m not chasing babies around, I am blogging, DIYing and enjoying the Southern California life.

My biggest strength as a mom is ensuring both of my kids feel loved all the time. Praising them for good choices and actions, and just loving up on them! I always want them to feel secure and content.

When I have time away from the children, there are some things that help me unwind. Walking slowly around a store, while sipping a coffee- or meeting a friend for dinner and a glass of wine are some of my favorite things to do.

The Interview 

Can you describe your home dynamics?
In my home, I work best on a routine/schedule. We usually do things around the same time each day. Meals, naps, activities, etc. I guess you could say, I feel the most sane that way. So there isn’t chaos! Since my hubby is a Firefighter, his work schedule is different than your average Monday-Friday. Sometimes he will be gone 3 or 4 days in a row. So, I am doing the parenting gig by myself half the time. It can be tough for sure, but we have adjusted and when he gets to be home for a stretch of days, it’s so great!

Your days seem pretty jam packed. What gives when something has to?            I do feel as though I’m always doing something. Not enough hours in the day! My blog is time consuming, but it’s also a creative outlet for me. When you have young children, you end up being home a lot. So, I feel like I am still able to do something I love even from my home. I have always enjoyed writing and being creative, so starting a blog just seemed to make perfect sense!

It really all comes down to moderation in everything. I try not to put too much pressure on myself if I can’t complete a blog post by a certain day. The family comes first, and everything else just fits into the cracks. I always use my kid’s nap time to try to relax, do something I enjoy, or even take a nap! I actually do find DIY projects therapeutic, but I have become better about listening to myself and knowing my limits when I try to fit in too much.

I was drawn to your kitchen island initially (mine is similar!), but then I saw the bathroom remodel! AMAZING! How much patience do you really need to do that??                                                                                                                           Haha! In all honesty, I have no patience or much attention for detail! That is why stenciling is so great. The entire pattern is already made for you. Anyone can do a project like that! I didn’t know I could do it until I tried, and sometimes that is what it takes. Jumping into something and figuring it out! I have no formal training, unless you count my entire life of being around my Dad who has a construction company. I believe I got the bug for projects from him. He always made
me feel like, if I wanted something done, just do it! I have asked him questions, and picked his brain along the way.

Here is the master bathroom re-model:

This is the Before photo of Kelly’s Master Bathroom
…and AFTER!

I just completed two tables for my front living area. An end-table and coffee table. They were very simple to make! Round tables with hairpin legs. The project just posted to the blog this week. Another project anyone can do!

Have you had DIY projects fail or just turn out funky?                                        The projects that I have completely failed on in the past, happened when I was teaching myself how to make my wooden signs. I threw a good amount of signs away! Which was so brutal, because they are time consuming. I almost gave up making signs at one point, but that’s how you learn and improve- practice!

How does your family support your DIY projects?                                                My family is the best! They always support my ideas and projects. My son will say “Mommy, I love your project!! Good job Mommy, good job!”. He’s just so sweet. My husband was reluctant when I first told him I was planning to paint our master bathroom floor. Of course!! But, I think he trusts me at this point when I tell him my new plans. It’s so nice to be supported and to have this creative outlet in my home.

For more of Kelly’s DIY projects and how-to’s, check out her blog HERE.

Follow her on instagram @domesticblonde

Kelly, after following your DIY blog, I just wanna remodel my house AND do it all. Or have you over for a drink and we can work together? 😉

I love, love your style and your go-get ’em attitude. Thank you for your contribution.

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