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Good moms. Guilty moms.

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We are only human. We have basic needs and desires, too. But mom guilt is real! The guilt we put on ourselves is horrible and not right! So, we wanted to share the other side of motherhood. We have put together a list of some of our confessions…. We hope you laugh, relate and enjoy! You’re still a great mom if you…..

Gin’s Confessions:

~ I sometimes don’t go into get the baby as soon as he wakes up so I can rest just a little longer. Or      finish Grey’s Anatomy. Either one.

~ Realize the family dinner was made up entirely of carbs because I was craving them and let’s be        honest, I LOVE CARBS! French fries and a baked potato for dinner. Yes please!!

~ I forget to give my kids their vitamins ALL THE TIME.

~ I hit the ground running as soon as my husband walks through the door…. But I am so DONE. This      happens often. Sorry honey!

~ Handed my kid candy then turned on the TV so she would shut up while I was on the phone to          schedule some appointments. Now she knows just how to annoy me while I’m on the phone              hoping to get candy and a show. Parent Fail.

FullSizeRender (6)

~ Got a little tipsy at a girls night out then forgot to pump and dump. Then just prayed he would sleep    better if he woke up in the middle of the night after I fed him. Oops.

~ Told my daughter to “stop being a beeze”. This happens often. Because she’s often being a beeze.

~ Taught my daughter say certain things for my pure enjoyment.  Examples:

Tell your dad he’s tripping balls.

Asked Zoey to say fork about a thousand times because she pronounced it fuck. I was really sad when she started saying fork correctly.

FullSizeRender (3)

She can perfectly sing the chorus to Andre Nickatina’s song Ayo for Yayo. She has sung this to her friends a preschool. Whoops.

After going poop she will tell you she took a big dump. We think this is hilarious.

~ My house looks like a tornado hit it everyday. The only time I straighten up is when we have                company. Seriously it looks like a family of 10 live here.

~ I love my kids. But I REALLY love them when they’re sleeping.

~ I love breastfeeding for many reasons. Especially when crap hits the fan with my 3yr old. “I think        it’s time to feed Jack, babe. I’ll just be upstairs now.” Hehehehe.

~ Zoey’s baby book was filled out with every little detail every month.  Jack’s baby book…’s          been purchased. Someday I’ll get around to it!!

~ Sometimes I still drop Zoey off at preschool even if I don’t work that day. I enjoy a little me time and    Jack time.

Zin’s Confessions~

  • We didn’t use a baby monitor at all for our second child, Arabelle. I don’t think I’ve ever checked on her unless she was sick.
  • I don’t clean or do chores after bedtime. Unless anyone is out of clean underwear. Or we are out of clean dishes.
  • We have, once or thrice, given our kids lollipops and turned on a show so we could have a little “couple time” (wink, wink!). I reserve sugar for the most important of times!
  • I slapped Owen’s face/forehead HARD while he was getting ready for this photo as he put his MOUTH on it. NASTY.
  •  IMG_5023
  • I get anxiety out in the world with my kids, restaurants, parks, anywhere where they can run away, lick something nasty, or do something when I am not watching. It stresses me out. I get big eyes. And then want to go home.
  • We insisted that our daughter repeat “stick” or say “oh, stick” repeatedly as it sounded like a cuss word. And that’s just funny. Zoey and Arabelle have a fun time with forks and sticks.
  • I can’t wait until we have a dog free home. (We have two large dogs).  The dog hair is permanently in every crevice of every window pane, sliding door track, even in the freezer! How old are they today? Each day getting older… I really want to leave the front door open and let them free…. But really, I do.
  • If my kids are so inconsolable or having a tantrum I do what I can. But sometimes I walk away and shut the door behind me. And hold the knob closed.FullSizeRender (4)


  • I used to beg, plead, cry and pray that my baby/child would sleep “through the night.” To their face. BEGGING! CRYING! I made an essential oil blend called GTFTS- there is also a parent’s “children’s” book with the same title. Can you figure it out? Go the —- to sleep. It didn’t help.
  • First, I cringe when I hear my children wake at night. Then concern follows.
  • If I get the opportunity to rest, I will. During Arabelle’s nap today, I laid in bed for an hour, doing absolutely nothing! And it felt fabulous.
    FullSizeRender (5)
  • Confession: I loathe feet selfie pics. But I’m doing it anyway!


It’s time to let go of the guilt ladies. Allow yourself to be human and have your own set of needs. It’s ok. Not feeling so guilty about stuff is a constant battle for us. We know it is for a lot of moms. We are here to remind you that you’re a GREAT mom!! What are some of your confessions? We would love to hear!! Comment below.

2 thoughts on “Good moms. Guilty moms.

  1. I loved this!! I definitely suffer from mom guilt, so it is always nice to know I am not the only one! I am guilty of having a lock on the outside of my oldest daughter’s room for when she had her no-stopping-it-til-she’s-ready tantrums. Luckily, it was a short phase! Love your blog!

    1. We’ve been there!! Thank you for sharing. So glad you love the blog. Remember, you’re a great mom! No more guilt!

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