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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Sometimes as Moms if you’re not laughing you’re crying. We asked a few moms in our village the same two questions. Here are their answers! Hope you enjoy a light hearted read and that you have a FABULOUS Mother’s Day!!

1. What was something recently that made you laugh? (kid story, mom moment, etc)

2. What has you feeling grateful lately? 


Rumi learning how to eat has been making me laugh! She grabs a little bite with her fingers and puts it in her mouth, she gums it a bit, then she makes a spitting/tooting sound with a face of disgust (sometimes a little gag gets thrown in, then she chews some more and gives a big smile, then she shivers, giggles, then coughs really loud a few times…and then she grabs another bite and does it again. People keep asking me-what foods are her favorite? I’m like I can’t tell…

Sunshine on our strolls. 



Going out drinking (haven’t gone out in a very long time) with my sister. We ended up giggling like school girls at a dive bar and the rest I can’t remember.

I am so very thankful for my friends. What a loving, understanding, supportive and most of all humorous group of women. 



Happy Mothers Day!

I just love being a momma – best name i’ve ever been called 🙂

So when the girls were little and saw Disneyland commercials – they would get so excited and of course want to go. And I of course put them off. Then one day when we were in the mall they saw the Disney store…and started whooping and hollering and were so excited…to go into “Disneyland”! Poor dears didn’t realize that Disneyland was astronomically better than the Disney store…and didn’t realize it for several years until I finally took them. And don’t think I didn’t play into their naivety and used the “Disneyland” (store) as a bribe whenever I could!! But hell – they were just as happy with the store for the time being!

I’m grateful for couch snuggles, and hearing I’m the best momma, and that they just want lazy days to stay home and cuddle with me – because honestly that’s all I want, too. And occasionally Disneyland… 🙂



Both kids have a couple songs that they just love and every time I turn one on they just go crazy and have the best time dancing. Zoey dances like Elaine from Seinfeld so I always laugh it up watching her!

I’m so grateful that my kiddos love each other so much. Watching them grow as siblings is just the best. And my husband is the greatest partner in life I could have asked for.



A mom friend and I were joking together the other day because we both hadn’t worn a bra all day and the only reason we even contemplated putting one on was to go get the mail but in the end decided against it.

 I feel grateful that I have two happy, healthy babies that I get to keep in call my own forever! 



This happened recently: A few weeks ago, I had my annual lady parts exam with my toddler in tow. When we arrived, there was a book all about pleasing your lady, and of course my toddler just HAD to read. As he’s reading the doc says “Well that’s a good book to read. You can put it to use in like, 20 years!”

Then, as I’m splayed on the table the doc says “Wow, it’s really good your husband is fixed. You’re super fertile right now.” The nurse nods and says “Yep, first thing I noticed.”

All while my toddler is reading about pleasing his lady in the future. I feel this needs to be in some sitcom!

I’m grateful for the silver lining~I lost my job and thought it would be terrible, but I’m loving all the extra fun times I have with my kids. I can give them my undivided attention. Surprisingly, I’m even looking forward to spending Mother’s Day with them. 



I was laughing (on the inside) during the conversation in the car the other night with my 6.5 year old. He was wanting to know more and more about breeding and how different species do it. Thanks to our am carpool mate, and a conversation a couple days prior, I had a few extra words to draw upon. I’m not against using the correct terms, but saying “parts” when talking about animals really does keep it just the right kind of vague, especially as the questions kept getting more graphic.

I’m so grateful for our family adventures.



Ok this didn’t make ME laugh at the time…(it made me cry actually) but it does make others laugh. 

I was sooooooooo tired that when we were outside playing with the chickens, I forgot I had left spaghetti cooking on the stove! 

I ran in with the baby, preparing for marinara explosion and smoke…only there was no spaghetti…no nothing on the stove…

I realized that the spaghetti cooking scenario was just on the movie I had playing in the background while I did laundry earlier that day.  Wow.

As a newer mom, things affect me more now than ever before.  I am so grateful for the health of my son and of our family! It is something I took for granted before I had Sven, but now I thank God every day. 



I feel like I am laughing all the time. Lately my favorite thing is that Jackson calls all glasses “sunglasses.” I don’t know why it makes me laugh, but maybe because it comes from him. I love that he starts his morning by dancing and singing Bruno Mars while wearing gold sunglasses. It makes my day seeing him enjoy this every day. 

  The support from my husband has me feeling grateful. I appreciate that we are able to support each other in ways that allows us to become better individually, making us a better wife/husband/mom/friend in the end.  



Being a mother is about ups and downs. Not every moment is an instagram-perfect moment. I’m still getting used to that! 

However, I documented this incident on my instagram feed and was surprised at how many other mums related to what I could only then call a parenting fail. Now I see the ability for my kids to learn from my imperfections and see me as a “real” person! 

After prepping my strong willed daughter all morning about what was going to be for her lunch, I placed it on the table and at that moment she decided she no longer wanted her spaghetti mixed in with the meatballs and so she picked up her plate and turned it upside down. After seeing a pile of meatballs and spaghetti on the table I was boiling up inside and, being observed by my 1 and 3 year old, I picked up a handful and threw it at her! I actually shocked myself at my reaction. You have to understand, this was not just one bad mealtime, this was a build up of meal after meal like this. I was at my absolute limit. She pushed me over the edge and I snapped!! So with spaghetti hanging from her hair she stomped up the stairs to tell my husband! I heard the conversation and couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. I must admit IT FELT GOOD!!!! Even though there was a huge mess on the floor that I needed to clean up, all I could do was laugh!!!!! 

We had a discussion, after her shower, about how throwing food is wrong. Even when mummy does it. And we both said our ‘sorry’ and ‘I forgive you’. It was done. And I still chuckle about it now….and when I retell the story I have empathetic laughter as other Mums tell me how on many occasions they have wanted to do the same.

Today I am grateful for a wonderful place that we live in. I seriously feel like every weekend is a holiday, here in Hong Kong!  It’s tranquil and beautiful but also vibrant and bustling. 

I am also thankful for a healthy family, especially for my eldest son who has been on a 3 year treatment plan for Leukemia. I am thankful we get to do things that other families now call “normal”. 


We LOVED hearing from all you sweet mamas. May Mother’s day bring recliners, tea, and naps.

Or just naps.

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