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Hello 2016

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Let me set the scene, It’s 12:40pm and I am sitting at the kitchen table in my PJs, yes my pjs. Because what’s the point of getting dressed. I just put my 2.5year old down for what I am sure will be another failed attempt at a nap and my 2month old is asleep on me in the Ergo. Which means I will have to be in constant motion as I type to keep him asleep. I have my Coffee on my right and my “Detox” water on my left (my lazy attempt at loosing my baby weight).  My current status is pretty fitting for my first ever attempt at a “moms” blog post.

I have to tell you that writing, anything, even a birthday card is absolutely out of my comfort zone.  I’m sure that has something to do with the fact that I am always too hard on myself and I tend to over think the things that I hope will carry some meaning. But anyway, I am excited at the challenge of this. I am hopeful this blogging journey will be a great outlet for any creativity that is hiding inside of me as well as a way to be raw and honest about my life as a wife and mother of 2. I tend to be an open book in conversation and I hope that will be the same in my writing. Plus it will be nice to look back at the evidence of this time in my life because my memory is total crap.  So, hear it goes.

ImageMy tale of Jan 1st 2016 says it all for me right now. My day started out perfectly. Waking up next to my sweet, smiling baby boy. Undoing his swaddle and taking in all his cute stretches and sweet coos. I bring him close to me for his morning feed.  Breastfeeding him is my favorite place to be right now. As I stare at him I reflect on my perfect 2015. A new home, new mom car, and new perfect baby. I count my blessings and hope 2016 will be an amazing year of firsts and family time. Deep sigh and smile. 10min into my breastfeeding dream land I can hear the screams coming from my 2yr old downstairs….”I WANT MY MOMMY!!!” Over and over again. By the sound of it she’s hitting a stage 3 melt down. And just like that, it hits me that 2016 will be filled with exactly this.  Short lived moments of peace, and longer moments of chaos. So I pick up the baby, take a deep breath and smile with surrender. Because this is exactly what life is supposed to be right now. This is what I signed up for. I head downstairs, hand the baby to my husband, roll up my sleeves and head into the toddler danger zone.

I’m ready for ya 2016!!

I think…


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