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I can’t adult today…

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Today was one of those totally overwhelming days. To be honest I’ve had a string of them. House is still a disaster from the Easter party I threw, apparently I need to do laundry since my daughter is out of underwear and both my kids are out of pj’s, bills are stacked high and my room looks like I just moved in yesterday. Just to name a few things on my list of too many. Deep breath. Today was going to be my “catch up” day, but I got called into work so there’s that. Oh ya, and my almost 3 year old thinks it’s awesome to say no to EVERYTHING. Why does she do that?!?!
I need days and days to catch up at this point. But let’s be honest. We never get days to catch up, or even one day for that matter. We get a couple hours here and there if we’re lucky. “Mommin’ ain’t easy” as I have seen so cleverly written on a shirt. No it ain’t. What I want to do at this point is get a hotel room, veg out and watch Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning. But I can’t do that, because why … because I have to adult today.


We all have these days and it’s hard. Hard and exhausting. Tonight I choose a glass of wine in my cute cup that says “Raising Tiny Humans is Exhausting”  and to vent to you in this blog. But I would love to know what you do when you’re hit with days like this. How do you catch your breath and catch up? I could always use more tricks up my sleeve. I will count my blessings as I go to sleep. That always helps put things into perspective. A little trick of mine.

If you want a cute mama glass to sip your wine from at the end of your crazy day click here.

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