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I’m 31…I think.

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I’ve noticed something since I’ve had kids…I can’t remember S%^*! No joke, it’s bad. I’m pretty sure that my examples will make you feel better about yourself and you will realize that you do have it together because this chick has really lost it. If you read this and totally relate then please comment and let me know. Then let’s meet up, and drink about it!

If you ask me any of the following it is likely that I either won’t know the answer or it will take me far too long to remember the answer to these simple questions:

What’s your address? (Hmm, I should know this. Give me a sec. Crap. I really can’t remember. Let me text my husband.)

What’s your anniversary? ( It’s in July. The 30th or 31st. Wait, does July have 31 days?)

What’s your husband’s phone number? (One sec, I need to look it up in my phone.)

What’s your last home address? (Crap again! How am I supposed to remember that? I don’t live there anymore. But I still own the place….Ugh.)

I bet you’re feeling pretty good about yourself at this point. Oh shut up!

How old is your husband? ( I think 32…or 33..What year was he born they ask….um, 1983 or 82. I can’t remember.)

Where did you go in Bali?  (To Bali…all over. It was amazing!)

How many weeks is your baby? (3 months. I don’t do weeks with kid number 2.)

And the biggest kicker is….


How old are you? (Holy S%^*, I can’t remember!!!)

No Joke! I forget all the time. The most basic piece of information that we should all know about ourselves and I can’t remember half the time. I asked my husband the other day..Honey, how old am I? Seriously?! He says. You’re 32. Oh ya. I totally forgot. Then he says..I was kidding! Your 31. CRAP!!! What is wrong with me?! Give it to me straight people, am I alone in this? Is this two kid mom brain? Should I be making an appointment with a doctor at this point? My genius 2 year old knows my age and my husband’s. So there’s that… Hey, I remembered my kid is two!




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