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Well we’ve done it! We have officially been in business for a two months. We have been working together on the blog since January, and shortly thereafter we decided to create and design products together. Today we are celebrating! We are very close to making our 150th sale today! This feels good.

We held a few business meetings at parks this year… But most “work hours” were between 7pm-11pm.

We started our journey taking a silk screening class in a fun tai chi leader slash silk screener’s garage shop in downtown sac. It was quite an experience, an all day event. We learned how to create a screen from a sketch, carved it, and screen printed it. After that, we decided to use a local silk screener to print our goods. Mastering a new craft wasn’t something we were carving time for this year!



Jac’s/Gin’s strengths are the fonts and web design, as well as styling. Chels/Zin enjoys carving stamps, packaging orders, and taking photos of our products.

Paint hands

Our launch party drew a crowd of 50+ friends, family, and friends of friends. It was the warmest welcome and biggest day of sales yet!


To date we have had 3 photo shoots. Products, us, more products, web photos, etc. These shoots have been fun, creative, exhausting, and intense! A BIG thank you to Colin who has been our child care for a few of the shoots. Also to our biggest fan, Char, who hopped into some of our photos! Also to Chris who was working on those days to support our hobbies! And our fab photographers! Families! Customers! We are just SO GRATEFUL!

Last weekend we participated in the first Boss Mama’s Market where we enjoyed sharing our products with other Moms, grandmas, and husbands! We were one of 50 vendors there, and had a very successful first market.

The blog and the business are related but are separate. We consider our blog to include our village, our vents, ours and other mamas truths, with our people. We continue to blog as we feel inspired, and interview moms and publish once per week, on Fridays.

We have a business page and website for a reason. There may be a little overlap at times, but for the most part we will be using our @Copper_Two instagram for photos, updates, and specials. If you’d like to follow both of our ventures, our Copper Two page on Facebook gets updated regularly on both the blog and shop.

The business encompasses our designs, creative vibes flowing all ways, and has been such a labor of love this year. We hope you enjoy both of our creative endeavors! They both lead back to us hanging out, working together, and connecting women.

We’ve designed the products, spent hours in “font world,” carving stamps, pouring over product samples, and now fitting in shipping between day jobs, kids, and the like! This adventure has been quite

Come and visit our shop Copper Two.

Follow us on Instagram @Copper_two

Follow our business page on facebook Copper Two/ @coppertwo.


Thank you for reading about our journey friends! Much love from Gin & Zin slash Copper Two!


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