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Interview- with This Awkward Mom

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Hi! My name is Sarah. I am This Awkward Mom. I call myself an awkward mom, because for the last ten years I have worked with children and have had a hard time interacting with adults.

I am currently working as a nanny, but that ten year job will come to a close in two weeks and I will continue working as a Nanny Placement Coordinator. I love helping someone find their perfect nanny and a nanny finding the perfect family. Or, educating those who do not understand child care differences and needs. I have been married for six years and we have two wonderful boys.
Two boys with such different personalities, at times it amazes me I created both of them!
Sarah with her husband
My husband was just promoted in his corporate job (hooray!) and I always tell people, I will never find anyone who loves me more in this world. My family is my favorite people and I am extremely selfish with my time with them. Any time spent away from my children is for work or a date night with my hubby, otherwise you will find them in tow with me. I get alone time with my coffee each day during their naps and it keeps me fueled for the week. I am a huge lover of food and baking. I love my little helpers in the kitchen and snuggling with them is a daily goal!
The Interview~ On Childcare

Can you describe your experience with childcare?

I began babysitting at the age of 12 for family friends and neighbors then at age 19, I became a full-time nanny and I have been a nanny for the last ten years!

What do you do when you need childcare?

I usually call my in-laws or we have a regular date night sitter. My son does go to daycare twice a week, because I think it’s important for him to socialize at a young age. My in-laws are five minutes away. Unfortunately, my parents are far, but if we need a week of care they’re willing to drive/fly here!

What do you recommend for families who do not have someone close that they trust?

Use an agency or a licensed day care. I say this, because these companies check their nannies. They go through all the difficult steps you may not think about. They take care of taxes (you have to do nanny taxes!) and a day care does the same vetting process. They also give you regular updates and have recording happening at all times. I know online seems so much easier, but there is a process to follow is you do this. If you do go this route I have helpful information that you can read on my blog HERE.  

How often do you have a date night or time away with your husband?

At least once a month. Our in-laws like to keep the kids over night so that really helps.

Are you planning on having more children?  

No. Our family is complete. We have already suffered two miscarriages and my heart can’t handle more.

What has been one of your hardest mom days or moments? How has that shaped you into the mom you are today?

I think my hardest day occurred when I was a nanny. I was trying to take the kids to appointments and my usually not at all fussy toddler was screaming at the top of her lungs because she was unhappy and I was so afraid she was going to hate me forever. She didn’t! It was just a bad day. It taught me patience and understanding that all children are going to have bad days and it doesn’t make them bad kids.

What got you started on your blog?

When I was working as a nanny, I dreamt of having a website with helpful info for moms and nannies. Then a friend introduced me to blogging last year and I found, it wasn’t as hard as I thought! So I was able to start and learn and am still learning along the way!

What are your main goals with blogging?

Thank you! My goal is to keep it real. Motherhood isn’t really pretty at times but is also one of the most beautiful things in the world. I think it’s getting more real online, but for awhile it was just all the pretty and I really wanted to show all encompassing motherhood and child care. Our nannies love the kids almost as much as we do!! I also want women to love themselves!! I feel that new moms are huge targets for weight loss companies and are trying to be perfect and it needs to stop. You’ve had a baby! Enjoy that time with your baby. You’ll get to those fitness goals, but do it in your own time. 

Christmas tree hunting naps with her youngest

At the zoo with her oldest

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Read more on This Awkward Mom’s Blog HERE . She has added a new level to her blogging gig where she seeks to expand her advice section and provide guest blogging features, similar to our post today.

Thank you, Sarah~ We enjoy all your fun posts and keeping it real and awkward:).

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