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Meet Adriana~ Mom, Business Owner, Gardener, and Soap Maker

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Meet Adriana~
I am a fun mom of two beautiful children, wife and a business owner in Placerville.  Since childhood I have been a very creative person I loved creating art, jewelry and anything with color as a kid.  During my teenage years I studied music and opera, attended Walnut Hill Arts School & Berklee College of music studying performance and music therapy.  At 21 I purchased a 40 foot school bus, gutted it, built a home and took to the highway travel the United States and settled in Arizona on an organic farm where my love for gardening really began.  I traveled and I’ve lived all over the country including Hawaii.  At 26,  I met my future husband at Bonnaroo music festival we hardly talked for about two years and finally decided, hey let’s try and make something work.

We decided to move to California together and start a life. Here we are 9 years later happily married, own our own business and are living our dream!  One month after we were married I became pregnant I lost the baby at 12 weeks and was truly devastated by the loss our due date had been Valentine’s Day and at the time I felt my heart would never be right again.
A few months later I found out I was pregnant again I was ecstatic a baby was going to be heading our way. It’s almost comical the way we found out our daughter would have down syndrome~ my doctor asked me would you like to do some genetic testing for your baby. My thought was sure I’d love to know what our ancestry is said yes so we I took the first and second trimester DNA test.
At 18 weeks, my doctor called and said there’s been an abnormality with your test your baby tested positive for down syndrome.  Once again, the devastation was back I had thoughts of changing diapers until I was 90, my baby never becoming an adult always living as a baby, the possibility of never ending doctors appointments.  I had never met anyone with down syndrome and so I began reading which truly frightened me.
A week later, I was in Sacramento having amniocentesis done.  One week later the results were in, not only would we be having a little girl but she she would have Down syndrome.  I spent weeks freaking out, crying hysterically, depressed. I removed myself from from the public eye.  I hired employees to cover my shift at my shop and I thought my life was over.  But then one afternoon something changed and I found peace.  I realized I really wanted to be a mom. No mother gets to choose who their child will be.  I knew that my life has been magical and blessed and that this had to be a blessing, somehow.  Gina Love was born June 19, 2014 and from the moment she came into my life nothing would ever be the same. Her name means the gift of love and that’s truly who she is.
Two very quick years later, I found out I was pregnant again. With the synchronicity of life it turns out I had the exact same due date as the baby we first lost could this be my little one coming back to me as I prayed and cried and begged. My sweet Little man was born two days after his Valentine’s Day due date. Jahyah has stolen our hearts.

Becoming a mom hasn’t been easy for me~ so many things I expected haven’t been the way I had hopped but in that my strength has proven my ability to adapt to all and any situations. I have found that in supporting my family and my kids I feel supported in myself.

As a busy mommy, I don’t get to spend much time away from my children these days since they’re still so little but I water my garden each morning.  My wonderful supportive mom comes over each morning and hangs out with her grandchildren so I can water and spend time in the veggies.
I’ve always had a love and passion for our mother earth which led me to create a business that I could truly feel proud of and that I felt would make a difference. Without my mother, I wouldn’t have my business at all.  She encouraged me to buy property while I was in college rather than rent, and 10 years after leaving college I had an apartment that had doubled what I had originally paid for it.  This gave me two options.  I could pay off my house and car and be debt-free or I could start a business.  I chose to start a business.
In the beginning the business was more of a purely refill station then as time went on I realized my clientele had needs that weren’t being met so I started to create. Over the years I had learned applied kinesiology from a very close family friend and I use my ability to test to create recipes.  So many of my customers complained about things like eczema or help me get rid of these blemishes on my face which is where my blemish oil and wicked skin balm came from I started to learn about so many different ways of healing through the skin using oil’s, herbs and natural ingredients.  As I continue to delve deeper into the world of chemical free living I learned that I had a disdain for plastic the more I learned about petrochemicals and how to protect our bodies by using things that are more natural.
Over the last four years, I have been met with some resistance, folks that deny the fact that our planet is in need of change, folks that have denied the fact that chemicals like SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) are hurting us more than helping us.  In those moments I smile and step back and say whatever works for you but this is what works for me.  I found that arguing never really makes me feel good.
My business model has been created with the customers in mind. I have set it up so that it’s the customer’s responsibility to do their part to protect our planet by bringing in their empty containers to re-fill.  It starts a conversation about why one would want to refill and what we would want to refill with.  I’ve created an opportunity for education and learning, why chemicals like petroleum, sodium laurel sulfate, phosphates, and pallets are harmful to us as consumers as well as our Mother Earth.  I tried to make my prices as low as physically possible to encourage this type of thinking.  We cannot survive as a planet if we continue to throw away.  We must reuse.  We must stand up for our planet so that she can continue to provide for us.
Gorgeous pumpkin soap with real pumpkin inside
My love for natural soap making came as I started to create products for the shop. I found that in the creation of soap making I was able to truly tap into that colorful, creative, thoughtful side of myself that I’ve missed since becoming a mom.  I find that my love for all things natural was really able to come out in soaping.  I found a whole new world of natural plant-based colorants using herbal infusions to create really gorgeous & luxurious high-end soaps.  I’m most excited these days with breast milk soaps! They honor other moms who have given me their goods to create soap, using their own milk for their families and babies!! It’s really fun getting other moms excited in the creation of their batch of soap! Especially when they tell me how happy their baby is using it.
Glass beach soap with a whale!
Looking back to were this journey began I’m amazed that I survived so long without my shop! I have had horrible reactions to chemicals across my whole life including hives even anaphylaxis. I’m so grateful to all the folks that have supported me and encouraged me to be the best me I can be! And to my family who have been there to pick me up when I feel like I’m not worthy or not good enough!
For more information about One Love Refill Station visit us on Facebook, Instagram  @oneloverefillstation or at 
Adriana, We are so thrilled that your shop is in our home town! It is the best shop for gifts, necessities, and a good time. Thank you for all that you do for the greater good!

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