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Meet Shawndee~ on her role as a Momma

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My name is Shawndee Harwit and I am a 25 year-old mama of two babes and I love to find adventure in every aspect of life.

I am a proud Arizona State University graduate who loves photography, floral and event design, being outdoors, and traveling. My oldest baby is my spunky two year-old daughter, Arabella, who is my best friend! Our little boy, Joshua (Lj), is almost 4 months old and has completed our family. I met my husband five years ago and we have been inseparable ever since. He is my biggest supporter in pursing my dreams as a momma and as a blogger!

          My biggest strength as a mom?! Hmm…. I can very easily tell you all my weaknesses as I tend to be way too hard on myself. Regardless, I still believe that my biggest strength as a mom is that in spite of knowing I don’t have it all together, I know that together, I have it all. I do not let my insecurities affect my determination to be a good mom everyday or take away from how much love and joy my family brings me.

          When I get some free time to myself, I love getting out of the house and heading to the nail salon for a fresh mani/pedi or to the spa for a much-needed massage. If we can both get away, my husband and I love to take a night to ourselves for dinner and a movie. 

The Interview~

 How did themommabun get started? I have always been a determined and hard-working person. Since I was little, I had plans to go to medical school and become a doctor. When I graduated college, I was already married and two months pregnant with my daughter. I realized that plans and priorities change!

      At this time, I was working at a flower shop where I had worked for six years and found a sincere passion for design. As my pregnancy progressed, I decided to not pursue medical school, and also to quit my job as a florist and to stay at home to raise my daughter. After my daughter was a year old, I found myself missing “something”. This is when I decided to create themommabun (named after the messy “momma” bun always on my head LOL). It was a way for me to be creative again and gave me something to work towards again other than my mom and wife roles. Themommabun gave me an outlet to express myself (almost like my form of a journal) and quickly became a way to connect to fellow mamas.

So you JUST had a second baby, almost 2 years exactly after your first!

Did you plan for July babies? I did just have my second July baby! The funniest part about that, is that I said I would never have another July baby after having my daughter in July. It is way too hot for a pregnant woman in July in Phoenix, Arizona! Haha but I guess that’s just the way it was meant to be! We wanted our children to be close in age but never imagined their birthdays would be so close. July is definitely our month for birthdays. Arabella’s is the 11th, their daddy’s is the16th, Lj’s is the 21st and their mimi’s is the 26th! We are busy people in July!  

 How did you pick the names for your children? Naming our daughter was such an easy decision. My husband loved the name Bella and as much as I liked Bella for a nickname, I wanted her name to be a little more unique than that. My husband is Italian and I knew that the name Arabella meant “answered prayers” in Italian so it was a perfect fit! We chose Grace for her middle name simply because I thought it was beautiful!

With our son, choosing a name was a little harder. Before we knew if our baby was a boy or a girl, we both thought odds were it was a girl and easily had a name picked! (Of course! haha) When we found out baby was indeed a boy, nothing stood out to us that we both loved, so we decided to name our little guy after his daddy, Joshua Aaron. We added Lee to his middle name in honor of my dad (Lee is my dad’s middle name) because he is seriously the best dad/papa ever! We wanted to do something a little different than calling the baby JJ (Joshua Jr.) and that is when we decided on Lj for Little Josh! We love it!  

Can you describe your family dynamics growing up? Did you have siblings, cousins, etc. How did that shape your desires as far as family, or how many children you want/ wanted? Growing up, my life revolved around having a close family. I have two younger brothers, one of which is only 18 months younger than me. We were very close growing up (and still are today!) We did not have a very large family but always had a very close family. Because my brother and I are so close in age, we were always there for one another, we had all the same friends, and had a lot of fun together growing up.

After having a difficult labor/recovery with my daughter, I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to have any more children. After the pain subsided and thinking about what having my brother growing up meant to me, it was a huge factor in deciding to have a second baby. My husband is very close to his brother who is also just two years older than him so we knew we wanted Arabella to have a sibling and we knew we wanted them to be in close in age!

Photo taken by Photos by Natalie Miller

 What are your plans for your blog? What are your favorite types of blogs to read out there? My plans for my blog are to show others that it’s okay to be a mom who doesn’t have it all together! Making the best of whatever the situation is, is what I would like to demonstrate. I want to share the good, the bad, and the ugly on my journey through motherhood. My hope is that others will be able to relate or could even be inspired by my content. My favorite types of blogs to read are mommy blogs that share similar missions to mine, foodie, DIY and travel blogs!

For all things mom, love, positivity, and style, follow @themommabun on instagram!

To check out her blog, click HERE.

Thank you, Shawndee, it was wonderful to hear your story.

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