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Mel Gibson Style Freeeeedom

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This morning my sis and I went on a beautiful trail run through the green hills, by the river, and the wildflower fields. It sounds make believe, but I am not kidding. Spring around here is legit!

We’ve been trying to arrange this trail run for practically two years. We only live 25 minutes apart and we see each other pretty often. On good weeks we hang out 1-2 times, and when we feel like it’s been forever it’s been about 2-3 weeks without a hang. We just hadn’t made it a priority to get out trail running.

Once again, our schedules miraculously aligned. I was going to drive to her house and she said, no, let me come up to you! Then… I placed my daughter’s care in the hands of my able and amazing husband and away we went! It really was that simple! But we were creating silly roadblocks for months.

The trail was not overrated. I’ve spent many hours on the trail, but not in months. She was in awe of the poppies, lupins, yellow blooming happy bushes, and rushing river. We barely realized we were huffing and puffing as we were talking the whole time, filling each other in with 1:1 details that we rarely get to share.

That taste of freedom, without cell service, without diaper duty, nor dogs barking, was priceless. I do not feel held down nor in jail by any means in daily life. But most of my life is not filled with that arms open wide free feeling like we can do anything we want whenever we want. And that is okay. But darn it felt real good today! So thankful for my sis and her love! And Mel Gibson style freeeeedom!

IMG_1729 IMG_1739┬áSo magestic… So thankful…

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