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Mother’s Day Picks

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we wanted to share some of our favorite gifts to give, AND they are made or sold by fantastic women, most of them mothers. Talk about a win win situation. Some of our recommendations may be cutting it a little close for Mother’s Day, but save the links for future shopping. Don’t forget about baby shower gifts! These will make a touching gift for any occasion.

  1. Mint and Birch Shop: She makes custom mama nests and bar necklaces with calligraphy. We’ve purchased a breathe one and a mama one. She has had an amazing influx in business and only opens a few days per month, and sells out. Have patience, as her items are worth it!  ImageFullSizeRender

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2. Weestructed: These items are amazing… This momma is making product like crazy. She makes mugs, wine glasses, and clothing. Our personal favorite is her wine glasses. She has adorable trademarked slogans like the one you see below.  This glass is a part of our nightly routine after a crazy mama day while bloggin! Every mama needs one of these.


Get your shop on! Click Here   Weestructed is having their semi annual sale April 15th-17th. Don’t miss out!!

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3. Fig and Moss: Do you want to feel grounded? Clean and beautiful? Even when you can’t get a full shower or leg shave in?? Her products are amazing! From candles to soaps, to cheek and lip tints, Megan makes these items from pure ingredients. They are pure magic. We can’t get enough. Candles, oils, soaps, honey face wash, and rose petal mist to name a few of our favorite products. Please shop here. Many items come in stamped bags or beautiful handmade boxes ready for gifting. Every mama needs a little pampering. Treat yourself!


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4. Jax Kelly: Technically an auntie, (But let’s face it, Aunts ROCK!) This woman hand pours candles with crystals in them. We’ve given away all of our candles we bought for Christmas gifts so we don’t have a photo. (Head to her website below!) She crafts a wide variety of one of a kind jewels from earrings to necklaces. Each stone has a specific property to it. The large soy (clean) candles make a thoughtful gift and burn for 50 hours. And then you have a crystal when your candle burns out. Power stone, spiritual, and healing stones, she’s got them all!


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5. Piquant Pieces: This mama creates handmade jewelry, accessories, and gifts that are one-of-a-kind and uniquely beautiful. One of her specialties is making cruelty-free feather earrings and accessories that are crazy beautiful. She also does custom designs to meet your visions. We just purchased 4 gorgeous pieces today! Support this talented sweet mama.

ginandzin2 ginandzin1-1


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 We hope you enjoy this list for your shopping pleasures. We love to support women and mamas working hard on their vision and dreams. There’s nothing better than spoiling a mama while supporting a mama. Use the buttons below to share and get the word out and support these hardworking mama businesses. It takes a village!

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