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Mother’s Day

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We decided to share some of our favorite parts about motherhood, with photos. There are many more things we love about being moms, but this is a good start.  Please enjoy some of our grateful moments~

  1. We have created and nourished life~ Our bodies have stretched and torn, grown another being, and been as one for months. We have felt their bodies move inside of us and then felt every thread of their birth. This is a blessing and we do not take it lightly. Our bodies may never be the same, but it is a small price to pay for the experience.



2. The Snuggles~There is nothing like a sleeping baby on your chest. Anyone’s baby. But to feel your own nuzzle right into your skin is pretty much the best thing EVER.

IMG_7525      IMG_3005

3. Breastfeeding~ Gin just posted an amazing read on her recent experience feeding her 6 month old, check it out HERE. We are/were breastfeeding mamas, and could devote many posts to just our love for breastfeeding. It is truly another honor and one of our favorite things as mothers.


4. We are needed~ in many, many ways. Our kids need us. We need them. We all need each other, forever. Surgery, stitches, runny noses, bedtime stories, tickles and cuddles. We are the mother. We are MOM!!! We are it. It is overwhelming and crazy at times, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


5. We are united~  This is why we started this blog. For our village. Uniting in motherhood completes the puzzle. It has the power to make us better mothers, partners, friends and women. All moms have an unspoken understanding for one another. Regardless of how you became a mother, we are all united. 

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Happy Mother’s Day Ladies! You deserve all the spoils and love that comes your way!


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