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My Top 5 Gear Picks!

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I wanted to share with you my favorite and most used baby/kid gear. Because I’ve been working with kiddos for 10 years I have used A LOT of gear! I will tell you that I research things to death before I purchase them so this list is legit. Enjoy.

  1. Let there be ERGO! If you have a baby that likes to be your barnicle than the Ergo is a life saver! Even if they’re not a cling-on like my little guy, the Ergo provides an easy and comfortable way for you to be hands free all while providing the closeness that our littles need. This carrier will take you through the toddler years. I recently had the pleasure of using the newest edition, the Ergo Baby Four position 360. You can wear your babe on the front, both sides and back! It was a dream! The material on the newer ones fit like a glove. I love them so much that I have one in the car and house at all times. One is the Ergo Original and the other is the Ergo Performance. I have tried a number of carriers, but for me nothing compares to the Ergo. Find my favorite one here
  2. Swaddle & Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit– Oh sleep. Easily one of my favorite things to do. Without these two items I am absolutely positive I would have slept much less in the first 6 months. Let’s start with the swaddle. My kids had major doses of the scare reflex which would startle them right awake and into a scream. The swaddle put an end to that. The only reason they woke in the first 3 months was to feed and not because they just did the “starfish” and scared themselves awake. Swaddle those babes up! Oh, and I found that the velcro swaddles were key! After the swaddle comes Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. When they can no longer be swaddled due to constantly wiggling themselves out or rolling over but they’re not quite out of the scare reflex stage, try Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. It’s kinda like a big puffy snowsuit. The idea is that it adds a little weight around them so they feel safe and secure. This suit also helps tame down the scare reflex. It was a great final step before my little graduated to just a sleep sack. Plus they look like the Michelin man and thats hilarious. My oldest was an amazing sleeper from birth and I have no doubt both these items played a big part! Swaddles here Merlin’s Sleepsuit here
  3. Bentgo Kids Lunchbox – I LOVE this lunch box! Bentgo Kids is an innovative bento-style lunch box designed for kids on the go. Fun and easy to add variety to every lunch. Bentgo box has a perfect sized compartment for fruit, veggies, dip, an entrée, and dessert, and it’s totally leak-proof!! I believe the design of this makes it easy to come up with healthy choices and to be a little more creative with trying newfoods. Because it’s basically a big plate of food right before you, I believe I have far greater success with my kiddo eating more and trying everything I packed. No more untouched baggies of food go to waste! Kids get distracted while eating with their friends and I’m sure it happens too often that they’re off to the playground before they opened up all the things you packed for them. This puts an end to that. For full healthy bellies try this out! Click here
  4. Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat-  Every time I buckle my little girl into this car seat I feel peace of mind. I really really do. You can’t put a price tag on that. This is for children from 5-40 lbs in rear-facing mode, and from 22-65 lbs in forward-facing mode. I have used many car seats in my day and this one supasses them all. Easy to install accurately and securely. I have no problem moving it between cars if need be, a few minutes max. Comfortable and easy to clean material. I LOVE the material! Everything is easily adjustable, from the belt to the headrest, to the 9 reclining positions. Most importantly, the safety ratings are amazing. I feel like most convertible car seats don’t offer much side protection. Her head and neck feel so protected in this cars seat. The high price tag is absolutely wo
    rth the safety and ease of this car seat! Definitely check this one out and see for yourself! Click Here
  5. The one and only BOB stroller. This stroller….THIS STROLLER! Hands down best stroller ever! If you like to run, jog, walk, shop, camp or basically take your little anywhere then this is the stroller for you. I have a single BOB and Double BOB. Both amazing. Because they are a bit on the pricey side I got both used. They last forever. You can easily find one on craigslist. They move with such ease. They are on the lighter side and fold and store wonderfully. Just trust me. This stroller is amazeballs. Click Here



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