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When Zin told me about the one word challenge, I of course wanted to hop on board. I usually do when she brings anything my way, i.e. natural labor, healthy organic eating, exercise, etc. No seriously, her word is gold to me, and I might be a blob without her.  Anyway, thinking about what one word I needed more of in my life also got me to thinking about what words I need less of. That list was a bit longer.







These words bring pressure and exhaust me, and I need them to enter my brain far less frequently. When I thought about the opposite meaning of these words, I came up with……Be. That’s my word for the year. Be. It may seem boring. I mean, it’s only two letters, but it’s exactly what I need. To be. Just Be. For some reason this little word takes the pressure off. It makes me enjoy the now and be in the present. As someone who is a chronic planner, I need to work harder at being. I look forward to this one word challenge. My hope is it brings me more calm in my life, more acceptance, and a better ability to be present. So, what’s your word? And what words do you need less of?



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