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Primal Pregnancy- Interview with Nicky

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Meet Nicky~  


I am an enthusiastic and (mostly) grounded woman who seeks to grow more into myself each day through life and now motherhood. I also love to be in nature, shop for pretty clothes, decorate my home in flowers and craft pretty things in my free time.

You can find me all summer sunbathing at the river with my husband, cooking dinner with my family, day dreaming of my babe’s sweet face, and enjoying time with my inspiring tribe of girlfriends. I am thrilled to become a mama in two months and I can honestly say that this baby inside of me called to me years before I got pregnant. I can’t wait to feel her little body next to mine, take in her beauty, hear her newborn sounds and smell her little head! I can’t wait to feel the overwhelming maternal love for my baby that I hear so much about.


Can you describe how being pregnant feels right now? How has this changed as your baby has grown?

I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant. It’s brought up so many beautiful and scary emotions and I’ve really felt alive and challenged and inspired to trust in the process. That’s not to say I haven’t experienced the textbook aches and pains of pregnancy ( nausea,  rib pain, backaches) they’re all there, but honestly it just adds to the love you feel toward your baby. I’m in the third trimester now and I feel like the tears are just flowing! Everything makes me cry. I also daydream more than ever of meeting my baby and giving birth to her. I told her the other day, “Something hard is coming up for the both of us, but we get to meet each other after and we will both be safe. Let’s help each other out, okay?” I think as I’ve gotten closer to my due date more fears about labor and delivery and all of that have felt more intense. Just like in the first trimester I had a lot of fear about trusting my body, if my baby was safe and if I had done anything to harm it. I remember feeling overwhelmed at times that maybe something would go wrong. I had to practice a lot of self-love and a lot of trust in the Universe and the process of pregnancy and in my own body. I had to find a balance between nurturing our baby and nurturing myself, as well. So much is truly out of your control during this amazing time, and so surrendering to whatever you believe in makes it so much easier. Maybe my hormones settled after the first few months, because I really felt calmer, more loving toward myself, and much more comfortable in my body by the second trimester. I think as she’s grown inside of me I’ve felt more and more at ease with all of the changes.

You’ve mentioned that you have felt very grounded while being pregnant. What can you compare that to? Have you felt that before?

Being pregnant has really allowed me to slow down and discover what’s really important in my life. I chose to cut way back on my work schedule and therefore have had a lot of stillness in my days. Of course a sense of guilt kicks in from time to time that I’m not doing enough but I realize that is not the kind of woman or Mother I want to be. It’s preparing me to just be ok with not knowing where the day may take me, which I believe will be an incredible asset to have while raising children. This slower life has allowed me to make time for things such as spending time with friends and family, walking out in nature, cooking nutritious healthy food, creating new rituals + traditions, being open in my relationships and sharing feelings…simple, uncomplicated things that I value and that feed my soul and I want to share with my babies.


desert trip 24 weeks pregnant

I can’t really compare these feelings and this time in my life to anything before. It feels completely new and completely wonderful.

What are your thoughts on connections with women, now, and past while being pregnant?

I read in a book that the time I give birth, 250,000 other women will be giving birth at the same time. How incredible is that? I asked my husband to remind me of that while in labor. I truly have felt a deeper connection to other women while pregnant. I look around and realize every single person I see was carried in a woman’s body. I also remind myself that so many women around the world give birth to their babies naturally, sometimes alone and sometimes surrounded by others. Those realizations help you trust more in your own body and in the natural process of pregnancy. It’s a completely primal feeling growing a baby inside of you. It’s the closest I’ve ever felt to being an animal. When I’m driving or walking and see a mama deer with her perfectly healthy little fawn I am in awe; they are so beautiful to me. I think, if they can do it, so can I.

What have you done to set your intentions, stay calm, manage emotions while growing a human?

I write in my journal. I feel connected to God and Life while journaling, it’s a place for me that I can go to that calms and grounds me. I write about my joys, my worries, my dreams and I express gratitude for my life. I also make time to lie in my bed and take a nap, do an Angel Card reading or read from spiritually inspiring books.

I also have my wonderful husband who literally has been just as excited as me about everything. He’s been an incredible listener this whole process, and he lets me complain about my aches and pains, he hugs me when I’m crying about the what ifs, and he’s told me countless times that I’m the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. I feel really lucky to have a man that strong through all of this, and he helps me find my calm.


wedding day Sept 2015

My Mom inspires me and has supported me through all of my ups and downs in pregnancy. She is also my Pilates instructor and has trained me weekly to strengthen my body. She believes in me, and in my desire for a natural birth.  Surrounding yourself with uplifting friends and family is crucial to growing a human gracefully.

What was something that has surprised you about being pregnant?

Probably how much I love it :).


nesting and preparing for baby

What is one of your favorite things about growing a human?

I love feeling my baby wiggle and move around inside of me. It is my favorite feeling ever! I don’t know what else could beat that.


Since the interview was submitted, Nicky has had her beautiful baby girl, Rumi Rose, who came swiftly in a 6 hour unmedicated labor and delivery.


fresh out of the womb to meet her parents


sweet one month old little girl!

Thank you, Nicky, for sharing your beautiful tale on your journey into motherhood.

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