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Rotting Pumpkin

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Halloween pumpkin lantern

There is absolutely no filter here in my house! I have a very outspoken 5 year old little girl. As a mother of an 8,5, & 1 year old, my belly has had its fair share of punches and kicks. My growing belly held a 9 pound 14 ounce and two 8 pound 8 ounce babies. With that came a lot of lines and play dough like hanging skin. Something that I have learned to be thankful for. No bikinis here, but if I can wear a shirt without looking 5 months prego, we are all good. Hey it even gives my one year old a good five minutes of squishy play dough like fun without worrying about him eating the dough.

The other day, my daughter shared with me that my stomach looked like a rotting pumpkin! A little taken aback, I looked down at my stomach wondering what she could possibly be taking about. Well, she is brilliant to say the least, because what do you know, it sure does look like a rotting shrinking pumpkin. Don’t worry I won’t share a picture, but you can use your imagination. Kids sure do say the darnedest things and we can only take it in stride everyday and be thankful for their honesty.
No need to buy a pumpkin next year!
Halloween pumpkin lantern
Written by Guest Mama Shannon whose favorite drink is Starbuck’s Very Berry

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