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School’s out, the camping season’s in full swing, and (dare I say it!) the bedtime routine has become a little fuzzy. It can only mean one thing… Summer is here!


The solstice and the moon were large and in charge. Now that that has passed our arms are open to receive all that this season has to offer.

We’ve been lax about bathing, as the kids are usually in a form of water or chlorine regularly. We’ve just discovered the joys of literally hosing the kids down. They run around dodging the spray, the plants get watered, and the paint, food, and stickiness wash off their bodies. I love soap and water probably more than the next gal, but this is now a part of how I define summer with children.


Two camping trips down, 4 more to go this year. I’m bursting at the seams with excitement. Our old camping goal was 4 times per year. Upping our ante means upping our memory bank; each adventure etches a new scene in my heart, re-affirming and our family values. Family time, nature, embracing the now, and adventure. (and hiking, running, playing games, relaxing, and eating, to add a few activities to the sub-value category). Camping was a part of my childhood summers, with one multi-family trip per year. I am thrilled to be able to share this experience with my own kids.


(This wasn’t the most scenic photo from our most recent camping trip, but it showed the “kid’s corner” that the kids would bike away from camp, turn around, and come back. Lasted HOURS!)

With summer comes changes in schedules, three birthday celebrations (3/4 of us have summer birthdays), and more freedoms. The ability to have both children home or in tow for activities is such an honor. The days “off” have been spent at home, outdoors, or bouncing from family to friends homes until mom wears down.

IMG_4659 (2)

The garden is another joy of summer~ my garden beds were replaced and new soil was added for mother’s day. The fruits of our labor have paid off; we have been enjoying summer squash for a couple of weeks ┬ánow. The kids bellies are full of basil every day, and I’ve enjoyed the ease that terra nova (new earth) provides. No weeding, happy roots, and thriving plants- I couldn’t ask for more!

IMG_4356 IMG_4586


Summer~ I salute you, the long, light nights, the dry, hot days, the water sources calling our name, and the garden in full bloom.

IMG_4441 IMG_4383

2 thoughts on “s u m m e r t i m e

  1. Love it! We have also upped the ante, camping wise. It’s a lot of work, but the memories are so worth it. Thanks for the wonderful, summery post!

    1. Amanda, was just thinking about you. It is over 100 here now! The work is pretty ridiculous, and the sleeping is so rough. I crave to be out of the normal routine, and also to sit a little more! Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

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