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Something’s Gotta Give

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Life is good. Life is full. We work. We play. It all needs to happen. But then we need to give more. And more. What gives? Something has to give.

Many women I have talked to have expressed an overwhelming feeling lately. Work hours are increasing, the demands at home are fierce, and then there is a mishap- a sick kiddo or car trouble that funks it all up.

How do we cope with the mishaps or the bumps in the road? There is so much on our plates as women. So much on our plates as working mothers. So much on our plates as stay at home mothers. How can we be and do what we want when something always has to give?

I wish I had an answer.

Sleep has taken a backseat in my house. Ironically both of my children are actually sleeping for the first time in 6 years! Work demands have increased, (which is welcomed, by the way!), which means that sleep has to give.


Something’s gotta give.

I want to re-watch sweet Jack Nicholson in that movie. Did you know that movie came out 13 years ago? I swear it was about 5 years ago. Ironically he has multiple panic attacks in the movie. Maybe that is the key, panic attacks can actually be a good thing as you get a release afterwards, versus powering through and stuffing it down deep inside. Just kidding. I don’t stuff it down. Sweating and running is my stress relief. I’ve usually got that covered.

Something’s gotta give.

That’s it! The ego! Yes! The ego has to give. Wait. My ego is pretty small. I realized that as I had my dirty hair in a claw clip (from high school) today on the way to swim lessons for the kids. Yup. Ego is already gone like the wind.


Some days I feel like a super hero just chilling face down a fridge ledge. And I’m learning to be okay with that.

Something’s gotta give.

Sleep can only be cut back for so long. I’m working on that one.

Something’s gotta give. Something makes the place for new things, for a new friend, for a phone call, or for (let’s face it!) a shower! It is the truth! What gives! Tonight couple time gave way for work time, and after work time couple time is solo time which means writing time for me and movie time for him.

That is the nature of life. Something will give. That is beautiful. If it didn’t our cup would overflow, would always be spilling, would crack and not hold a single drop. The name of the game is something will give. We want it to, we add things onto our plates for another thing to drop off. That is how it goes. But who or what will it be? Time will tell. Who really knows. We are all sacrificing one thing to do another. Commitments, work, social, family, love, prayer, exercise, meals~ fitting it in can be stressful and overwhelming. But if the way is true and predictable, something will give by sheer logistics. So having faith in the process of things, (written if only to myself!) that something will organically give and bend and unfold. The universe will provide.

Running has been slightly backburned. Not cool but true. Gotta re-arrange my pots and move that one to a front burner. STAT. After I wrote this I ran and sweated 2 times over the weekend. And nothing had to give!


Also, remembering to breathe is a good thing. (Again if written only to myself!). Panic attacks don’t do anyone any good and they just frighten the children.

Large inhale. And then, face plant into mattress. Also, STAT.

2 thoughts on “Something’s Gotta Give

    1. I am pretty certain we are all “busy” (don’t love that word!), overwhelmed mothers. I recently read a blog post about “If moms in the 70’s had a blog” what would it be? It was hilarious–lots of sending the kids outside so the mom could smoke, and feeding them processed foods. That would simplify things a little!

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