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Interview with Bridget~ International Mum of 4

Meet Bridget~
I am Bridget, an international Mum of 4, just beginning to find my new normal. 
I love my husband, 4 kids, three-day weekends, sushi, wine, sunny days and long walks on the beach. 
My eldest son is coming to the end of a 3 year-long journey battling leukaemia. He is an amazing boy who just takes whatever life throws at him and I am constantly in awe of his strength to soldier on and his solid and real faith. 

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Mama Interview with Brooke, on life with pediatric cancer

Meet Brooke, Momcologist: On pediatric cancer


It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and we wanted to interview a mama whose child has been there and back. To raise awareness, to rally support, and to share their story of strength and beauty. Please hold them and other children battling cancer in your hearts, today and all days.

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