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The 411 on Vegan Products

Hi everyone! Maybe you remember me from my previous post about my home birth experience (read that post here) from a while back, or maybe I’m new to you. Either way, thanks for reading this post.
There are a  few things about me you should know- I’m a bit of a crunchy, hippy mama (although maybe not in the traditional sense). I’m married to a handsome ski fanatic from Argentina and we speak English and Spanish at home. I have one baby girl who will be two in June, and I love animals. And I mean LOVE love- and ALL animals. Yep. I’m vegan. In my eyes, all animals deserve the same respect as our companion animals- so that means not eating them ;).

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Clean eating tips

Don’t eat vegetables because they are good for you. Eat them for one reason alone. Because they are GORGEOUS. -Jill Dupleix

Have you done the Whole 30?  I really love the Whole 30 and in my practice it is not only a wonderful starting point but also the treatment plan for many ailments. What is it? It is where major food groups are eliminated, and then reintroduced later. There are many reasons why an elimination plan is indicated. Oftentimes clients are starting an elimination due to GI ailments: constipation, allergies, leaky gut, bacterial overgrowth or imbalance, others just want to feel better and/or try something new. The main goal here is to “eat cleaner,” meaning more alive foods, fruits/vegetables, nuts/seeds, fats, and less (or no) foods from packages. Read more

Interview with Chelsea on being an RD

It’s not every day we interview each other! Jaclyn is the interviewer today~

Where did your love for food and good nutrition begin? Have you always been health conscious? Growing up my mom was always eating healthy, or on a diet in some way. We had a lot of non-fat products around, and we always had fresh fruit available for snacks. That being said, my dad would pick me up from school every now and then with a ho-ho in the console and I would sometimes down a bag of microwave popcorn after school most days in junior high. My mom always exercised, though. Almost every day. And she still does. I have always been health conscious for sure!

On a run… her happy place!

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Interview with Jessi, on food, cooking, and mealtimes

Meet Jessi~


About me:

I’ve been married to my husband for 10 years and we have three lovely and energetic kids together. I’m a stay-at-home mom with a Masters in Counseling, and I believe both influence my life greatly. I’m, above all else, a passionate woman and a joy-seeker and I truly try and live my life with intention. For me that means, allowing myself to be where I am (and who I am) while still striving to authentically improve as a person. I never want to become complacent about my life: as a mother,as a wife, as a woman.

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Why you shouldn’t give your kids pouch foods


In my field of nutrition, I see a lot of parents giving their children convenience foods. Let’s face it, we all like to push the easy button when we are busy. I know a lot of children who eat pouch foods regularly, and some upwards of 4 or more per day! If you purchase pouches regularly, this post may offend you. I’m prepared for that, but my heart is in the right place. If you give your child pouches regularly, I want to encourage you to give your child more variety from whole foods (versus pouches), and please read this post with an open mind.

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