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I now take back all and any judgments I may have had in the past of the rich & famous paying people to do everything for them. That’s all I want right now, someone to do everything for me so I can just BE with my husband and kids. Why not hire someone to do your dishes, laundry, cleaning, shopping, cooking, paperwork, repairs, yard work, etc. It makes total sense to me!

I would replace all of those things with playtime, nature walks, snuggles, games, picnics, NAPS, reading, playing in the dirt, and of course living room dance parties. If I won the lotto that’s the first place my money would go. I’m not interested in buying things, I’m interested in buying TIME. My house is a constant explosion of so many things that I need to take care of. None of which I find more enjoyable than playing with my kiddos.

Silly responsibilities. Another lotto ticket it is!





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