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VBAC Experience- It can be done!

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Hello again! I would like to talk a little about my experience with a VBAC. A VBAC is a vaginal birth after cesarean. My first daughter was breech and had low amniotic fluid. I was scheduled for a c-section and was totally fine with that.

She had been breech for a while and I had already come to terms with the fact that we would be having our baby that way. In fact, I really hadn’t researched or read much about labor or delivery since I wouldn’t be going that route…Of course, I went into labor (back labor in the beginning) the day before the scheduled surgery and made it into the operating room by the time I was 8cm dilated. Thanks Jocelyn! Ha!

Anyway, with my next baby, I really, really wanted to try a vaginal birth. I wasn’t looking forward to being cut open again, although the recovery from my c-section was totally fine. I discussed my options with a couple of the OBGYN’s and most of them were on board. This was all 10 years ago and I think more and more Dr.’s are totally fine with VBAC’s nowadays.

Here is one thing I hadn’t thought about previous to my VBAC. Even though it was my second child, it was my first vaginal delivery. I tore so bad. So, so, so bad. Evelyn was ready to come and she came fast and furious…very true to her hotty temper today 😊. I had a 3rd degree tear inside my vaginal opening and down my perineum. It was so painful and I even developed scar tissue that covered part of the vaginal opening which made sex extremely painful.

But since I for sure wanted one more child they did not want to risk cutting it and developing more scar tissue. They recommended waiting until I had another baby and blowing it all up again… oh my gosh, sorry for the visual.  I wish I would have had a midwife, doula or nurse massaging and helping with better positions. Something to think about which totally helped with my third and fourth deliveries. My recovery with those ones were so much easier.

Most important, do what’s best for you and the baby. No matter how they get here, enjoy those little pieces of crying, pooping heavenly angels. They really do grow up so fast.


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