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We started this blog back in January. We learned how to write code, host a domain, and what widgets are. (Just kidding about a few of those, faking the computer skills a little.) But we have learned about tech stuff, worked together with and without kids, in the evenings when we should probably be sleeping. This is something that we are proud of. We have so much more to share: the words and wisdom of our village. 

We know some amazing mamas. We want you to know them, and we want to know more. We have interviewed some and can’t wait to share their stories, advice, and insight. We all have a story. Here’s a part of our story and soon we will share some guest mama stories. If you are interested in being interviewed let us know~

First, here is a glimpse into our sistership.

We started as friends in high school, over 15 years ago. We disconnected. Then reconnected. Then became roommates. Then we decided to be sisters. And watch each other get married. Then watch each other give birth. We are pretty much like wives. But we love our husbands just a smidgen more!



For your viewing pleasure, enjoy a photo montage to take you through our friendship~ and also the last 17 years… some details have been left out. Also not many photos of pre-kid real film days. But there were many drama class memories made to carve the foundation of our friendship.


iPhone 2012-01-29 001 We met in drama class ~1999.

iPhone 2012-01-29 007 Wedding 2005

IMG_0346 Trouble in Vegas circa 2008

IMG_0942Zin had her firstborn. Gin was there.

We checked out CIA in Napa, plus mud baths. Gin took Zin here after having her son and not sleeping straight for more than 6 hours for over a year. We had separate beds. It was amazing.


iPhone 2012-01-09 001 Post- wedding swim 2011.

52 A classic, taken on a wine tour.

Surgery for Zin’s firstborn.. Gin was there.



We flew to Denver together to see James Taylor at the Red Rocks ampitheatre. Then we got fancy and got our hair done.

IMG_4762 Zin took Gin on a hike where she pretended to love it.

IMG_1636 She fed rodents and it grossed Zin out.

IMG_4775 Then we were pregnant, bumping baby bellies together.


We took a ridiculous amount of double chin belly pics, forcing our girls to be best friends before they knew it. We soon learned that this angle did no one any good.


We were getting ready to leave for the hospital Gin was 5 cm in this photo, rocking natural labor.

IMG_7336     14

Baby Z joined us, the easiest baby in the bunch.

18 1\

Then Baby A joined the crew, spunky as can be.


IMG_4353 Sisters

IMG_0934 IMG_3564 Then we met James Taylor. After seeing him 8 times, we got some JT lovin’, photos, and stage time just hanging out with him. Bucket list.. CHECK!

8 Gin’s Family went to an Island.


We had a random/awesome out of town double date with feuding teams.

IMG_5956 Zin’s family camped in the desert.

IMG_6521 We decided for our girls that they will be sisters too.

They are ok with it.

J was born after a quick labor~ Zin was there. IMG_9956 IMG_0465 (1)IMG_0389

He has a smile that won’t quit.

We are sleep deprived, we possibly drink too much coffee and we love our roles as mamas.  We are so thrilled to share our perspectives as well as our village with you.

IMG_7655-2 IMG_1641

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