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You may have heard the term YOLO, meaning “You only live once!” My husband and I heard it in a movie a while back and we jokingly say it to one another when we are about to do something stupid or adventurous.

My son was born with multiple congenital heart defects. He is a constant reminder to me that YOLO but also that “You only get one.” As in you only get one body. YOGO. I am not cool enough to know if that’s already a thing, but since I heard it from myself first I am claiming it as my acronym I invented for all the acronym starting bragging rights since that is supremely important to me. Ha!

I also work in the medical field where I am constantly reminded that YOGO. My main focus at work is to prevent the wear and tear that our bodies can show, to treat them right, from the inside out. I see a lot of success with a beautifully clean diet, and a lot of failure with an ugly, processed one. Some people will shock me but I rarely talk about those exceptions!

Today a friend’s little one was taken to the hospital for a serious medical condition out of the blue. This mama is a source of strength for me, even before this tragedy. She has held my hand through a recent procedure for my son, and is so grounded and calm in her day. With four kids she is quite an inspiration. I’m holding her up so high, as well as her darling little love.

So today, and ALL DAYS, I’m so thankful for the health of my family. Things can change in an instant, but for now, they are well.

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