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One of my favorite things to do with my children is read with them. Maybe it’s because much of mothering is spent spinning around the house from task to task and reading really grounds me to the couch or bed or floor. Or maybe it’s because we so are close together, snuggled up in a blanket of happiness. Or maybe it’s because I’m learning things alongside my sweet cherubs. I think relaxing with my children without technology is just as important as exercising together!

For whatever reason, reading with kids is a win win win win win WIN. Um.. They get smarter and you don’t have to move for 10-60 minutes. It’s pretty much a dream if you stop spinning and carve the time. Some days I like to pick up a stack of books (literally) and plop down. No phones, no music, no snacks, just books. Our record is 2 hours straight. We didn’t even stop for water. It was the BEST day!

So in all this reading and learning I have decided mothers would benefit from a bit of evolution. I have been blown away at learning about all of the different features animals have. I’m not talking about Dr. Seuss Zebrawankasaurus or The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Although the latter book is a total classic, I am so happy that my oldest is now into non-fiction books about nature and science.

Many animals really are mind blowing creatures carefully fit for some of their tasks. I feel sometimes like I am ill equipped for some of my daily tasks and I may be better suited like some of our animal species who may (or may not) have been around longer than us humans. Roll with me. These animals and their features are legit!

Alligators– Their eyes are see through when they are closed. This is really pretty amazing because it appears like it is awake and observant but it is fast asleep. Um. Can I please do this while putting the lego soccer field together for the 15th time? Or when I am expected to “play” the paw patrol game that is actually missing pieces but we pretend that there is a new game made up out of half of the parts? Can I pretend be awake for something? This sounds like a dream feature! I’m sleeping but fooling everyone I’m awake!!! YES! Can I sleep through the reading of Dora’s Christmas’s adventure for the 324th time?

A Baltimore Oriole can eat 17 caterpillars in one minute. If this isn’t efficient then I don’t know what is. I love food. I love cooking. Eating can take up time when you need to do mom things.

The Male Darwin Frog– The male frog of this species actually gives birth out of it’s mouth. Male carrying babies- FIRST BEST IDEA. Male giving birth out of it’s mouth? SECOND AMAZING IDEA! No stretchy parts down there or questionable control over bodily functions? SIGN ME UP! Evolve the male humans on this one!!!

Birds– Some bird’s brains grow 30 percent bigger in Autumn to help them recall where they stored their food for the colder months. I really would love my brain to grown 30 percent more from the hours of 7am-7pm. I tend to put many things away for safe keeping, only to find that they are kept too safe, as in lost forever. Or things are in “One of three places.” I would adore more memory space on this hard drive of mine. Please and thank you!

Salpa– A jellyfish like creature that actually clones itself at will. Do I really need to elaborate this one? Two of you. Or three. One could nap all day, one could do laundry, and the other play! Sounds real nice.

Koala- They sleep for 20 hours a day. I’m not saying I want to be a koala every day, but maybe 1 day/night per month to start!

Sometimes I need to remind myself how much we all love our reading time, and to do even more of it. It has helped to have my son keep track of his reading books, as an extra inspiration for us to do something we already love and enjoy. If you’re feeling low on energy, on your 57th load of laundry, or 5th recipe of the day, stop, drop, and read… you will thank me for it. And if your littles are grown up and away, stop, drop and read yourself… your body will appreciate the relaxation.


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