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Interview with Jackie on Going Back to Work.



Who am I?

I am a proud midwestern woman at heart who fell in love with California.  Except for short periods of time, I am optimistic and content.

What is your biggest strength as a mom?

First, I am very spontaneous and can pack to drive to the ocean in about 90 minutes. Second, my sixteen year old daughter tells me that she can tell me almost anything.  (For the hard talks we have been known to meet in the coat closet so she doesn’t have to look in my eyes when she is embarrassed.)  Okay, I know this is my third strength, but my kids say I’m silly.


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Barnacle Baby


I’m pretty sure my son thinks the ground is hot lava. We’re on day “who the hell knows” of “don’t you dare set me down Mom!”. While my arms are looking pretty toned now, my exhaustion is on the rise.
My teething mama’s boy, who is entering the separation anxiety stage of infant life, makes for a stage five clinger barnacle baby. So my days are filled with a mix of the following: Read more

Interview with Heather on Infertility

me at 34

Who are you?

I am an enthusiastic mother who delights in raising two beautiful little girls, Lucy and Polly, ages 3.5 and 2. I love to read, write, travel, take pictures, and go on adventures. Keeping a cozy and colorful home is important to me; I  enjoy trying out new vegetarian and vegan recipes for our family, baking goodies, hanging laundry, and moving around the furniture. I recently started teaching English composition at the community college, two classes a semester, which is wonderful. My husband works full time at the Bookery, a used bookstore on Main Street in Placerville, and eventually we hope to run it as a family business. We are serious booklovers!

What is your biggest strength as a mom?

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Interview with Tashina on dating life.


Who are you?

My name is Tashina and I’m a 32 year old passionate, reading-obsessed, adventurous Mother of two little boys, ages 3 and 9.

What is your biggest strength as a mom?

Despite my waves of being overwhelmed, I think my strength is my fearlessness toward life as it changes. I try to adapt quickly and get it all done. The kids don’t want or need for anything. Coming from where I did, I find this extraordinarily wonderful. And, I think I’m a fun, adventurous parent. We have a great life, so many friends, we play a ton, we go on trips, we hike, we explore, we are spontaneous. I’m not afraid to be on a mountain with two kids or travel by myself with them and they seem to mostly think that’s pretty awesome. And other than that, of course, it’s my endless patience, well-thought out organic, homegrown daily prepared meals, and perfect attendance to absolutely all of their needs. <that’s a joke>


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The Unmentionables

~~~~~~~~~Gin & Zin Collaborative Post~~~~~

We were talking the other day about how there were a few things that people don’t mention prior to you having a child. There are the common ones people do mention like “You’d better rest now, as you will never sleep again” as well as the “bladder control issues” that may or may not ensue. Well we came up with 12 things that aren’t spoken about at formal dinner parties. Readers beware… This may be a bit graphic.


————-covered belly—-naked marked stretching belly——

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