Gin & Zin

The need for nothing.

As I sip on my delightful glass of wine, exhausted and overwhelmed with life, I start to realize the majority of things I am exhausted and overwhelmed by I have totally brought on myself. I’m not talking about the givens, care for my children, feed the family, pay bills,  and keep a somewhat put together house (I’m really bad at that last part). It’s the extra, not necessary stuff I keep adding to my plate. That first world problem kinda crap. Projects, remodels, new business, gymnastics lessons, special events, etc. Read more

Barnacle Baby


I’m pretty sure my son thinks the ground is hot lava. We’re on day “who the hell knows” of “don’t you dare set me down Mom!”. While my arms are looking pretty toned now, my exhaustion is on the rise.
My teething mama’s boy, who is entering the separation anxiety stage of infant life, makes for a stage five clinger barnacle baby. So my days are filled with a mix of the following: Read more

Outing Tip: Activity Bag.


I love eating out. LOVE IT!!! To be honest, I wish I could eat out everyday and never cook again. But lately when I go out to eat I have been seeing an increasing number of kids bouncing off the walls and out of control at restaurants, and the parents looked frustrated and stressed. Going out to eat as a family should be an enjoyable experience! Then I noticed they all have one thing in common. No activity bag. Parents please, you can’t expect your little ones to just quietly sit still through your entire dining experience. It’s just not fair. Their curious little minds and hyper little bodies aren’t made for it yet. If your little one has no problem sitting still at a restaurant, well then you’re one of the lucky ones. Soak it up! Read more

I can’t adult today…


Today was one of those totally overwhelming days. To be honest I’ve had a string of them. House is still a disaster from the Easter party I threw, apparently I need to do laundry since my daughter is out of underwear and both my kids are out of pj’s, bills are stacked high and my room looks like I just moved in yesterday. Just to name a few things on my list of too many. Deep breath. Today was going to be my “catch up” day, but I got called into work so there’s that. Oh ya, and my almost 3 year old thinks it’s awesome to say no to EVERYTHING. Why does she do that?!?! Read more

Phone calls- Ugh Bleck Boo

Having a small private practice requires talking on the phone. So does maintaining relationships. It is a part of life. But it is practically impossible with children. I’ve said some not so nice things to my children when I was on the phone, and commonly can be found hiding in the garage, bathroom, or outside to complete or place a phone call.

Read more


Who am I? What does my reflection say about me? As I look at myself in the mirror I wonder what my purpose is, what is my life about, do I make an impact? I see others making two steps forward everyday with their ambitions, careers, education, goals, self help and care. I feel myself slowly crumbling and deteriorating but yet helping to build up everyone else around me. Read more

Tired Face

My current reality is hairy legs, greasy hair, and a tired face. But for good reason.  I try to be an attentive/fun mother/wife, which for me usually means most other aspects of life go to s#!&.  Sorry husband, I promise someday I will “exude” some kind of sexuality again. Maybe someday I will learn how to “do it all”, but I don’t know how yet and I’m ok with that. For now.

That said, I need to vent. I have a permanent looking tired face and I can’t get rid of it. Even when I Read more

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