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The need for nothing.

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As I sip on my delightful glass of wine, exhausted and overwhelmed with life, I start to realize the majority of things I am exhausted and overwhelmed by I have totally brought on myself. I’m not talking about the givens, care for my children, feed the family, pay bills,  and keep a somewhat put together house (I’m really bad at that last part). It’s the extra, not necessary stuff I keep adding to my plate. That first world problem kinda crap. Projects, remodels, new business, gymnastics lessons, special events, etc. For some reason I always have to do it all at once! I have a perpetual problem of setting myself up to crash and burn. Even when I take a minute or twenty for myself to avoid that crash and burn part I just feel guilty afterwards. I’m pretty sure this is a woman thing and I’m also pretty sure that the majority of you reading this know exactly what I’m talking about. Why do I/we do this to ourselves?

I need someone to follow me around and slap me upside the head each time I say yes to one more thing. I want/need the word NO to be something I’m more comfortable saying. Without guilt. Because saying no means more playtime with my kids, longer cuddles with my man at night, much needed girl time, and days with nothing to do but whatever I want. I would love to look at the calender and see nothing on it.

I am ready to recalibrate. To remember that doing nothing can be just as important as doing something. To lose the guilt. To stop the rush. To clear the calendar.

Ironically, I just realized that I wrote a blog in January about “My Word” I choose for the year. A word that I was to live by this year. What was it you ask? Be. Yep, my goal for this year was to just BE. I have failed miserably. You can read that blog Here and have yourself a laugh.




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