Gin & Zin

The need for nothing.

As I sip on my delightful glass of wine, exhausted and overwhelmed with life, I start to realize the majority of things I am exhausted and overwhelmed by I have totally brought on myself. I’m not talking about the givens, care for my children, feed the family, pay bills,  and keep a somewhat put together house (I’m really bad at that last part). It’s the extra, not necessary stuff I keep adding to my plate. That first world problem kinda crap. Projects, remodels, new business, gymnastics lessons, special events, etc. Read more

Barnacle Baby


I’m pretty sure my son thinks the ground is hot lava. We’re on day “who the hell knows” of “don’t you dare set me down Mom!”. While my arms are looking pretty toned now, my exhaustion is on the rise.
My teething mama’s boy, who is entering the separation anxiety stage of infant life, makes for a stage five clinger barnacle baby. So my days are filled with a mix of the following: Read more

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