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You can LOVE it but not LIKE it

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First thing’s first. I LOVE my kids. LOVE them. Like run into a burning building, take a bullet for, sacrifice my life for, LOVE my children. But that doesn’t mean I like them all the time.

Let’s get down and dirty and tell secrets for a minute. There are times where I have to take a serious mom time-out because I literally want to strangle, slap, and shake my children because they make me so gosh darn mad. They seem to polarize my emotions like nothing else…squeeze their guts out because you can’t get enough snuggle and then you want to squeeze their guts out because you can’t stand them. I get overwhelmed, exhausted and just “done” and that makes for a very mean mom. I call her the “momster”. She is not nice. She yells and says things she later regrets. I feel very guilty when she comes out.

But guess what, I’m not perfect. I’m just human and patience isn’t my best quality. I’m working on it. I use to feel guiltier than I do now. I’ve come to realize that parenting is a work in progress and we all have strength’s and weakness’s.  Let me tell you what I don’t feel guilty about anymore. I don’t feel guilty needing breaks. I don’t feel guilty getting babysitters. I don’t feel guilty going to the gym and I don’t feel guilty going on vacations without my kids.  That makes me a happier mom. I love my time alone and I love my kids. It doesn’t have to be either or.

Maybe I’m alone in this. Hopefully not, haha, but I thought I’d throw it out there if someone else is struggling and feeling that “mom guilt”. You are not alone. Sometimes you just don’t like your kids but you still love them fiercely. Grab a sitter and take a break. You deserve it.

Today’s guest post was written by mama Jessica.

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