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Interview with Chelsea on being an RD

It’s not every day we interview each other! Jaclyn is the interviewer today~

Where did your love for food and good nutrition begin? Have you always been health conscious? Growing up my mom was always eating healthy, or on a diet in some way. We had a lot of non-fat products around, and we always had fresh fruit available for snacks. That being said, my dad would pick me up from school every now and then with a ho-ho in the console and I would sometimes down a bag of microwave popcorn after school most days in junior high. My mom always exercised, though. Almost every day. And she still does. I have always been health conscious for sure!

On a run… her happy place!

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My Word.

When Zin told me about the one word challenge, I of course wanted to hop on board. I usually do when she brings anything my way, i.e. natural labor, healthy organic eating, exercise, etc. No seriously, her word is gold to me, and I might be a blob without her.  Anyway, thinking about what one word I needed more of in my life also got me to thinking about what words I need less of. Read more

The Circle Game

The Circle Game

I’m chronically nostalgic. It just happens. I crave re-living, re-creating, re-looking at photos. Sometimes even during intense good times I want to reminisce about the moment. When I’m in it. I’m diagnosing myself as having chronic nostalgitis.

I lived through my teens believing I was reincarnated. I still feel that way sometimes. I felt that I for sure lived through the late 60’s. So much about that time resonated with me, most of all the music. I failed and then passed my drivers test listening to Simon and Garfunkel’s Sounds of Silence cassette tape. I was born in 1983. This was a little odd for my day.

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One Little Word

My cousin (who I miss fiercely as she lives on the other side of the country) shared a fantastic challenge with me. The idea was to pick one word to work on each year. Not like a true resolution where you need to do more of blank or eat less of blank but something to work on, a general word that could be applied to many aspects of your life. There are a few blogs that highlight this topic, but the original link that she sent me was by Ali Edwards called One Little Word.

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