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Hungry and Eager

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Our tagline is Hungry For More, Eager For Less. Gin dreamed it up and I loved it. In the shower tonight it got me thinking. Truly, what am I hungry for? Less? How has this changed in my adult life?

A list. I love lists. Here goes!

10 years ago…What was I hungry for?

  • College classes to be over with
  • Sleep
  • Paycheck for spending at Trader Joe’s
  • Spending time with my spouse
  • Being done with college

I was always hungry for the next phase.

I was eager for less:

  • Time spent at either school or work
  • Traffic
  • Noise at night in the city where we lived,
  • Less distance between us and family.

Wow how time changes these desires! Now, I’m hungry for more things but also striving to slow the moment, capture the fleeting day. Now, after almost 11 years of marriage and two kids, I’m hungry for more:

  • hugs & kisses
  • sleep (still on the list!)
  • connections
  • magic moments
  • succulents
  • IMG_0065
  • garden sprouts
  • books read together with my husband
  • homegrown foods
  • camping trips
  • advice
  • dance moves
  • hikes
  • reading and snuggle time with my kids
  • triple brie cheese
  • laughs with old and new friends
  • dates with my spouse
  • kitchen creations
  • road trips to new place
  • fresh air
  • love and happiness (gotta state the obvious ones too!)
  • in person communication
  • time with my immediate and extended family
  • corn chips

Eager for less:

  • body hair to maintain
  • dog poo to clean up
  • whines
  • bright indoor lights
  • computer time at work


Buster the great dane takes poops bigger than mine.

I really want to hear what you’re hungry for…. It’s a good thing. Our desires can fuel our futures, if we let them. Let it flow, readers… More….?????

4 thoughts on “Hungry and Eager

  1. Hungry for adult interaction (not all based on households or parenting), hungry for challenges, travel, a beach bod lol. Hungry for more river rafting and guiding – did that a lot for many years and haven’t lately. More teamwork; not like for playing softball but for being able to rely on members of the team to help with burdens that I have to manage throughout the day; cooking, cleaning, parenting… I see communal living in my future, love the concept of it but not very workable, functionality wise. Hungry for sharing the load, i guess, the team idea. Hungry for the same code of ethics in my community.

    1. Love your hunger… The TEAM! The beach bod! Oh the communal living concept sounds so appealing, doesn’t it? Let’s discuss this more…

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