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A Successful Day

I read a recent blog posting where a mom was asked what she considered to be a successful day. It really got me thinking. I’ve chosen to not use the word balance as I thought it was inherently working against me. Like I was always striving to be somewhere or something that I can’t be. Or if I was there it was really hard to stay there, meaning I was failing. But when I think about what is a successful day, for me, right now, it is one that is a balanced day.  Read more

My Top 5 Gear Picks!

I wanted to share with you my favorite and most used baby/kid gear. Because I’ve been working with kiddos for 10 years I have used A LOT of gear! I will tell you that I research things to death before I purchase them so this list is legit. Enjoy.

  1. Let there be ERGO! If you have a baby that likes to be your barnicle than the Ergo is a life saver! Even if they’re not a cling-on like my little guy, the Ergo provides an easy and comfortable way for you to be hands free all while providing the closeness that our littles need. This carrier will take you through the toddler years. I recently had the pleasure of using the newest edition, the Ergo Baby Four position 360. You can wear your babe on the front, both sides and back! It was a dream! Read more

I can’t adult today…


Today was one of those totally overwhelming days. To be honest I’ve had a string of them. House is still a disaster from the Easter party I threw, apparently I need to do laundry since my daughter is out of underwear and both my kids are out of pj’s, bills are stacked high and my room looks like I just moved in yesterday. Just to name a few things on my list of too many. Deep breath. Today was going to be my “catch up” day, but I got called into work so there’s that. Oh ya, and my almost 3 year old thinks it’s awesome to say no to EVERYTHING. Why does she do that?!?! Read more

Phone calls- Ugh Bleck Boo

Having a small private practice requires talking on the phone. So does maintaining relationships. It is a part of life. But it is practically impossible with children. I’ve said some not so nice things to my children when I was on the phone, and commonly can be found hiding in the garage, bathroom, or outside to complete or place a phone call.

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Why you shouldn’t give your kids pouch foods


In my field of nutrition, I see a lot of parents giving their children convenience foods. Let’s face it, we all like to push the easy button when we are busy. I know a lot of children who eat pouch foods regularly, and some upwards of 4 or more per day! If you purchase pouches regularly, this post may offend you. I’m prepared for that, but my heart is in the right place. If you give your child pouches regularly, I want to encourage you to give your child more variety from whole foods (versus pouches), and please read this post with an open mind.

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A must share.

I recently read the following by George Carlin and I thought that is was the perfect reminder to remember what is truly important. If you are guilty as I am for some of the things he listed, don’t hesitate for a second to make a change. We are living in a time where more LOVE is needed above all else. Read this, reflect, give more love and be the change.  Read more

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