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The 411 on Vegan Products

Hi everyone! Maybe you remember me from my previous post about my home birth experience (read that post here) from a while back, or maybe I’m new to you. Either way, thanks for reading this post.
There are a  few things about me you should know- I’m a bit of a crunchy, hippy mama (although maybe not in the traditional sense). I’m married to a handsome ski fanatic from Argentina and we speak English and Spanish at home. I have one baby girl who will be two in June, and I love animals. And I mean LOVE love- and ALL animals. Yep. I’m vegan. In my eyes, all animals deserve the same respect as our companion animals- so that means not eating them ;).

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Clean eating tips

Don’t eat vegetables because they are good for you. Eat them for one reason alone. Because they are GORGEOUS. -Jill Dupleix

Have you done the Whole 30?  I really love the Whole 30 and in my practice it is not only a wonderful starting point but also the treatment plan for many ailments. What is it? It is where major food groups are eliminated, and then reintroduced later. There are many reasons why an elimination plan is indicated. Oftentimes clients are starting an elimination due to GI ailments: constipation, allergies, leaky gut, bacterial overgrowth or imbalance, others just want to feel better and/or try something new. The main goal here is to “eat cleaner,” meaning more alive foods, fruits/vegetables, nuts/seeds, fats, and less (or no) foods from packages. Read more

Interview with Dr. Kim~ The Parentologist

Meet Dr. Kim~ The Parentologist
I am wife and a mom of a toddler and an infant. After years of experience in television and radio, I became the owner/founder of my own brand and blog called The Parentologist. The Parentologist w/ Dr. Kim is a resource for moms and moms-to-be about everything parenting with a therapeutic twist.

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The Unmentionables

~~~~~~~~~Gin & Zin Collaborative Post~~~~~

We were talking the other day about how there were a few things that people don’t mention prior to you having a child. There are the common ones people do mention like “You’d better rest now, as you will never sleep again” as well as the “bladder control issues” that may or may not ensue. Well we came up with 12 things that aren’t spoken about at formal dinner parties. Readers beware… This may be a bit graphic.


————-covered belly—-naked marked stretching belly——

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Interview with Amanda on Home Organizing

Meet Mama Amanda

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    Who are you?

    Amanda Lavallee – Kaleb’s mommy – Organizer365

    What is your biggest strength as a mom?

    My number one thing I try to focus on with my son is to give him the love, space, and encouragement to be himself. I have stepped back to watch my son’s temperament, likes, dislikes, frustrations, weaknesses, strengths, abilities, choices – you get the idea. I want to be the woman he’s proud to call his mom and to do that I am choosing to build him up and give him the tools to be even more than he could imagine himself being. I continue to see his natural gifts and talents and will encourage him like his own personal life coach. I believe in choosing your feelings/thoughts/responses and I have been working to teach Kaleb so he can overcome obstacles as they come in life. I guess you could say my strength is being able to let go of the outcomes I want from my son. This can be hard because I’m the mom/boss/bigger/adult, and want to control him and his actions because I could play that card if I wanted to. Instead, I’m working on controlling myself and respecting him so he can blossom.


    How do you love to spend your time away from your children?

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Interview with Tamara on Placenta Encapsulation.

Meet Tamara, the Placenta Mom!!


Who are you?

I strive to be a good wife, momma, friend, and member of society, but acknowledge that I am not perfect and neither is the rest of the world. I try my best and remember to breathe deep along the way. My husband and I have been married since 2000 and he is everything I ever wanted in a partner. We are best friends and soul mates, which I know sounds all too clique, but if you know us you know it is true. Together we have two bambinas who make our family happily complete & keep us on our toes with their antics and unbridled creativity and humor. Outside of family, placenta encapsulation is my passion and I consider myself so lucky to be able to serve the local greater Sacramento, CA area community as ‘The Placenta Mom’.

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