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Interview with Sayna on Moving to USA

Meet Sayna

I am a mother of two fantastic boys. I was born in Iran and migrated to US when I was 17.  I am also a Molecular biologist who has been a part-time faculty at Folsom Lake College for the last 10 years. My husband is my strength and I think a much better parent than me.

My biggest strength as a mom is to be able realize when my children feel insecure and help them to overcome that.

I escape from being a mom by finding a quiet corner to read, watching my recorded PBS programs, or the most fun: going out with my limited friends. Read more


By the time bedtime came around tonight I just had to laugh at the irony of parenting. The sheer unpredictability of it all, the nothing’s a sure bet but anything can happen mentality. Today was a very good day. Magical moments were made, hilarious laughs were had, and memories created. But my kids (and all kids, I’m assuming!) are seriously relentless. Read more

Interview with Shannon on Interracial Marriage

Meet Mama Shannon


Describe yourself~

I am a busy stay at home mother of three kids ages eight, five, and one.  We have a packed schedule everyday between school, sports, tutoring, and chores.  I feel like a spinning top most of the time and sometimes wonder how I get through the day. I personally find that a pretty strict routine works for our family and home life. We love to be outside together and make it to the park for play time often. My husband keeps me grounded and sane, he works so hard to keep our family safe and taken care of. We have been together for 13 years now and we strive to try and make life easier for one another. I am passionate about cooking (especially when it’s for fun) and organizing, weird I know. My mind never stops thinking and I wonder what else I can give to myself, my family, and this world.

What is your biggest strength as a mom?

My biggest strength as a mom is my ability to multitask and prioritize the needs of each child. I try and give valuable time emotionally and physically every day to all three kids. Yes, this means that the dishes and laundry will forever be piled high most of the time. Read more

Memoirs of a Grandmother

We’ve been going through my amazing grandmother’s belongings over the last few months. She is still with us, but we haven’t made an effort to go through her paperwork in a while. I came across an old journal that has possibly changed my path, in the 30 minutes it took to read it. Read more

Uncovered Photos-EUREKA!

Yesterday my friend Karen shared some photos I had never seen before of me with my youngest, about 2 years ago.

The photos (below) were taken during a visit prior to my son’s 3rd heart surgery, and my daughter was 5 months old. It was one of the most out of control anxiety ridden times in my life~ preparing to bring my baby, 3.5 year old, and husband 3 hours away to live for 2-??? weeks during my son’s 3rd open heart surgery. So many unknowns. Read more

Interview with Mikia, on running errands with 3 kids

Welcome to our guest mamas page. Here we share interviews from Mamas in our village.

Mama Interview: Meet Mikia, Single Mom of 3 under 6

Describe yourself~

I am an adventurous single mom of three energetic boys, ages 6, 5 and 2. By day, I escape the chaos of my home to tend to my day job as a lawyer. At all other times, I’m the a Lego guy hostage negotiator, magic fairy dust on boo-boo sprinkler, garbage disposal repairman, firewood splitter, fishing knot tier, dirt bike mechanic, and gourmet chef in our cozy mountain home. My three little men worship me or barely tolerate me depending on their moods, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

What is your biggest strength as a mom?

My biggest strength as a mom has been my fierce (sometimes too fierce) independence. For better or worse, my boys will learn what a strong woman looks like (even if sometimes that means hiding in the closet just to have a moment of relative quiet). 

What do you do when you are without kids?

I love getting out of the house to go on spontaneous adventures with my crew – dirt bike riding, camping, hiking, fishing, or building tree houses and zip lines in the backyard. Every now and then, though, a rare night alone finds me catching up with friends and singing American Pie at full volume. Because I can.  Read more

Mother’s Day Picks

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we wanted to share some of our favorite gifts to give, AND they are made or sold by fantastic women, most of them mothers. Talk about a win win situation. Some of our recommendations may be cutting it a little close for Mother’s Day, but save the links for future shopping. Don’t forget about baby shower gifts! These will make a touching gift for any occasion.

Read more

Outing Tip: Activity Bag.


I love eating out. LOVE IT!!! To be honest, I wish I could eat out everyday and never cook again. But lately when I go out to eat I have been seeing an increasing number of kids bouncing off the walls and out of control at restaurants, and the parents looked frustrated and stressed. Going out to eat as a family should be an enjoyable experience! Then I noticed they all have one thing in common. No activity bag. Parents please, you can’t expect your little ones to just quietly sit still through your entire dining experience. It’s just not fair. Their curious little minds and hyper little bodies aren’t made for it yet. If your little one has no problem sitting still at a restaurant, well then you’re one of the lucky ones. Soak it up! Read more

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