Gin & Zin

If only I could hit the pause button.



Today I fed my 6 month baby boy solids for the first time. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes. He is ready for solids, but I am not. I’m not ready to share him. I love that I am all he needs to be happy and healthy.  For 9 months he thrived in my body and then for 6 months he thrived off of the milk my body provided for him. It’s beautifully amazing. Read more

Memoirs of a Grandmother

We’ve been going through my amazing grandmother’s belongings over the last few months. She is still with us, but we haven’t made an effort to go through her paperwork in a while. I came across an old journal that has possibly changed my path, in the 30 minutes it took to read it. Read more

Uncovered Photos-EUREKA!

Yesterday my friend Karen shared some photos I had never seen before of me with my youngest, about 2 years ago.

The photos (below) were taken during a visit prior to my son’s 3rd heart surgery, and my daughter was 5 months old. It was one of the most out of control anxiety ridden times in my life~ preparing to bring my baby, 3.5 year old, and husband 3 hours away to live for 2-??? weeks during my son’s 3rd open heart surgery. So many unknowns. Read more

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