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Interview with Angie~ Working it!

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Meet Angie~


I am a MOTHER, FRIEND, REALTOR and LOVER to my soon to be hubby. I get excited about other people’s accomplishments, I LOVE LOVE LOVE humans and all their quirkiness. I’m quick to help and less quick to ask for it.  I live in unorganized chaos of a house and it drives my fiancé nuts. My children are my greatest gifts and I’m so proud that I get to help mold them into who they’ll chose to be, because I spend so much time away from them for work when I have a choice I almost always bring them, usually we go camping or exploring allowing for some “mom and dad time” as well as fun family time. My strengths include helping people feel good, knowing that nothing is worth stressing over, and being able to handle too much on my plate.

I truly believe that life isn’t a race and that we’re lucky to live where we live..  

If you’d like any more information about me or local Real Estate, please feel free to shoot me a message 530-306-8837 or find me on Facebook “Angie Patton Realtor”.  I love to help fellow Moms and Dads figure this so called life out together. xoxo

Some days as mothers can be very high and some can be low. Can you describe one of your best mama days?

I’d like to say that my best days are when my children are clean, house is clean and dinner is cooking! Ha, but that hardly ever happens… so my best days are when nick gets home earlyish from work and we can head out with a picnic dinner (or snacks) to our lake for some evening fishing.

Describe one of your most challenging days?  

My most challenging days are when I’m slammed at work and too many people need my attention, then to come home to more people needing my attention, this is when I usually have a very hard time with motherhood. I’ve really tried to lean more on Nick when I have these days and to remember my children are only children, they need not know about my stresses and I need to just sit and give them love, which usually helps me too!

 Working as a realtor with two young children involves some level of flexibility, but it works both ways. How are you available for your clients when they need you?

The thing I always try to keep in mind when dealing with clients is that buying or selling a home is a HUGE life choice for any family and has the biggest impact. Usually I can swing my family time based on what is going on with work.. some clients need more hand holding than others, and I try to be sensitive of that.   

What do you have set up to make this process flow smoother when you get a call at 4pm? When dinner needs to get on the table and Dad is just getting home from work as well?

If its clients who are in an active escrow then I always do my best to answer the call.. you never know what hurdle or fire your putting out and buying a house is a huge stressor to most relationships. With that being said, the ONE thing I always do with my family is sit down at the table (moving piles over to sit) and enjoy dinner together.

What is something that you do regularly that just makes you pat your own back?  What fuels your fire to keep trucking?

This is a hard one~ When I was younger I was an avid snowboarder and it made me feel amazing. Since having children I’m lucky if I get out once a year. I’d like to start getting into gardening (anyone have any extra organic starts?) but time management and having free range chickens has hampered my gardening dreams.. but Nick did just bring me home 2 used horse troughs for me to use as a raised beds, maybe it’ll be just enough fire.

What has changed with your family life since you merged into business for yourself? 

For one, I wasn’t expecting to be as busy as I am! It’s a blessing and a curse, today for example, this has been my routine: Wake at 4am give Nick kisses before he’s out the door for work, my oldest Tristan (4.5) came into my bed and snuggled until 6:30am when I got up, I usually have tea or coffee (today was tea because I’m trying to limit my caffeine) after the shower and before heading outside to feed the dogs, goats and chickens. Clementine (almost 2) is usually awake by 7. Then its kids snack, then kids dressed, then into the car by 7:45. Drop off Clementine at daycare by 8 then Tristan by 8:30, if I don’t have immediate clients I’ll stay in his classroom for breakfast with the kids, today I snuck over to a friend’s house for a quick visit. By 9 am I had fielded 6 phone calls and about 20 texts. Now it’s 11am, I’m at my desk and so far I’ve spoken with 3 people who want to sell and the steps to make that happen, 6 buyers who want/need my time for showings and have 3 escrows waiting to close and my stack of paperwork to go along with that. I’ll work on more of that until I head out of my office at 3 to get Tristan by 3:30, Clementine by 4, home by 4:30-5 depending on if we need to stop for milk or not. Then it’s dinner, outside feeding rounds, usually I’ll return evening phone calls for everyone else who has a more regular hour job, maybe some laundry and hopefully some time for Nick and I to talk about our days and finally … BED!!


You are also planning a wedding!! What will your wedding be like?

Gosh, Nick and I are getting MARRIED!! It’s still surreal… 7 years into it, 2 kids, careers and a house. I guess you can say we’re a bit backwards. The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is NO PHONE, as we’re having a camping style destination wedding in the Eastern Sierras, where there will be lots of eating, fishing, exploring and hot springs finding.. all without cell service.

Thank you for sharing energy and jam packed schedule with us, Angie!

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  1. Thank you Ang for this open honest ‘day in your life’ real post. Love you girl – and your crazy, wonderful world.

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